Floor safe: advantages, types and costs

If you have valuables that you want to protect from break-ins or unwanted visits, the floor safe is one of the best solutions on the market. In fact, it is an instrument that is difficult to open or break without attracting the attention of the hosts. But what are the models on the market? What are the advantages of a floor safe? Here’s everything you need to know. Installation, features and prices.


The need to protect the valuables we care about has pushed more and more families to install a safe. On the market there are many models and types, but without a doubt the floor safe It results to be one of the most efficient security systems.

In fact, it is rather difficult for a thief to be able to open or extract a floor safe. During a break-in he would certainly not have the time to operate freely and without making any noise. The burglary operations would inevitably attract the attention of the hosts or even the neighbors.

But let’s find out then how a floor safe is made and what are its characteristics.

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Floor safe

There floor safe, as a structure it is not very different from the wall one. In general it is a cassette of variable size realized in steel or very resistant metals. Also, this cassette is equipped with a door which can be opened in different ways.

  • The safe with key it is equipped with a key to be used for opening.
  • The electronic safe providesentering a numeric code. Some newer models includeuse for example fingerprint, or opening with there retina of the eye. These are undoubtedly the safest, but also the most expensive models.
  • The third type is called mechanical secret safe. L’opening happens through a knob which is positioned on the door.

Many models safe use also multiple opening systems in combination. This will make it more difficult for the thief to open the safe.


Floor installation

The installation of the floor safe it’s not a simple operation and that’s why it should be performed by specialized personnel. In fact, it is necessary to make assessments on the type of floors to avoid, for example, creating damage that is difficult to repair.

Basically the installation is done making a variable sized hole in the floor. The safe is then inserted within this space. To hide it well, for example, you can use the same tile as the flooring. Alternatively, it can be placed in an area that is difficult to access.

Generally with the purchase of the safe it is sold also supplied with everything needed for assembly. An important aspect to keep in mind is that it is not possible to install the safe On the floor in the case of the building structure have a underfloor heating, Why it could interfere with the radiant panel system.

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In this case, the heat of the radiant panels could compromise the structure of the safe and in the long term create deformations that would make it difficult to open.


The materials

To be really safe and efficient one floor safe needs to be made of steel or metal alloys. The reason is soon to be said. It is much more difficult for a thief to open a safe made from these resistant materials.

For example, a very high source of heat would be needed, which a thief certainly does not have the possibility of having available at the time of the break-in. Both because it would need time available, but also a complex instrumentation to take with you.

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Advantages of the floor safe

To install a floor safe has numerous advantages, first among all the security. In fact, among all the existing models it is undoubtedly the most difficult to find. It can be placed for example under a tile and therefore blend in completely with the rest of the floor. Alternatively it can be accommodated under a piece of furniture and then disappear completely.

There floor safe Furthermore it is solid, resistant, fireproof and thanks to the locking system it becomes practically impossible to open. Another advantage of the floor safe is its form. We have already mentioned that on the market there are models of different sizes, but they all turn out compact and not very heavy. This makes them suitable for installation anywhere in the house.


The price

After seeing all the benefits that a floor safe and the various models to choose from, one naturally wonders how much? How easy it is to guess the prices of a floor safe are extremely variable e they depend not only from materials in which it is made, but also give her size and the opening system. It is assumed that a floor safe with higher performance has a higher cost, but these are prices within everyone’s reach.

When you choose to buy a floor safe, do not let yourself be conquered only by a very affordable price, because that could be an indication of a poor quality of the materials. In reverse evaluate all aspects and consider your needs, that is what you expect from your safe and only then make a decision.

For a good floor safe the starting price is around 300 euros, for small models. For models larger and performing you can even exceed 1000 euros.


Floor safe: photos and images

If you want to keep your valuables safe then the floor safe is the right solution. Browse the gallery and find the most suitable model for you.


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