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If you need to renovate your bathroom and you have already heard of the rimless toilet but you want to learn more, we at home and garden have collected all the information you need to choose for you. What it is, how it works, advantages, disadvantages and prices. How about studying together? Go ahead and read.


The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house to which more and more attention is paid and more and more time is devoted to making the necessary choices and weighing the elements at stake. Nothing should be left out or left to chance: from the choice of colors on the walls to that of textiles, to accessories but, above all, particular attention should be paid to them, the undisputed protagonists of this environment: the sanitary ware.

Over time they have changed their look, from shape to colors, meeting the most disparate needs of style and space. If this is the room you like to retreat to in search of the much desired relaxation at the end of the day, where you can take a regenerating shower and immerse yourself in a zen atmosphere, you can’t not know the rimless toilet or rimless toilet.

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Thanks also to the ease of cleaning it will allow you to furnish your bathroom with style but also with functionality. Read with us everything you need to know: are you ready to go? Here we go.


Rimless toilet: what it is and how it works

Let’s start by saying what it is. The rimless toilet is a type of toilet bowl devoid of that internal upper frame, which has characterized it for years, the rim. To be clear, the one from which the water comes out when discharging. The traditional recess allows water to run along the walls and clean the inside of your toilet.

The rimless toilet, lacking this part, has made an entirely internal innovation. It works in the same way as a traditional toilet, but when you do its cleansing, water – through a single groove always present in the upper part – it follows a precise path and cleans the internal walls.

Say goodbye to spout cleaners: the only way to reach every corner of your toilet and thus offer optimal cleaning and make way for this new patented system in the first place precisely to prevent germs and bacteria from lurking in the rim. This is just one of the several advantages, let’s read them all in the next paragraph.

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The advantages of a rimless toilet

Some advantages that the characteristics of a rimless toilet allow you to have:

  1. a quick and quick cleaning: the flow of water does not encounter obstacles and, for this reason, a detergent and a microfiber cloth will be enough to clean the inside of the vase easily.
  2. greater hygiene: as we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph with this type you will avoid any stagnation of water and you will not find, after a period of absence at home, for example, the odious water streaks.
  3. silent exhaust: data in hand are up to 80% less noisy than a traditional exhaust and this obviously varies from model to model.

But all that light is not gold, let’s see together some weaknesses.

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Some disadvantages

The same characteristics that represent the strength of a rimless toilet present a bitter account if we look at the reverse of the coin. What are the main disadvantages? Basically two, let’s investigate them thoroughly.

  1. The bridle in the more traditional toilets also has the task of retaining water when you drain, which is why in the one without bridle there is a very first drawback linked to the splashes of water escaping from the cup. However, there is a remedy and it is to apply a flow reducer in the cistern.
  2. Toilet paper may stagnate. A rather credible hypothesis is that the water does not have sufficient power to remove it, so it will be necessary to drain more than once.


Price ranges

At this point of the discussion, only one last piece is missing to complete all the useful information that will guide you in the final choice. You may be wondering, in fact, if a rimless toilet is prohibitively expensive or not. Well, the answer is comforting the price starts from a minimum of € 100.00 and rises according to the design, brand and model: on the ground or suspended?

Interesting deals can be done if you choose the combination bidet and toilet without rim: the cost slightly exceeds € 200.00 just take a look at the catalogs of the various companies. Make your considered choice.


Rimless toilet: photos and images

After reading our article, you finally have all the information you need to make the right purchase. How about getting inspired by some other image? In the gallery that follows we have included some interesting proposals and furnishing ideas for you. Let yourself be surprised and advised by some online reviews.



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