Essential accessories in the bathroom how to choose them: glamorous proposals

Do you have to furnish the bathroom and are you looking for ideas and useful tips? We at home and garden have more than a few to suggest to you: once you have chosen the furnishing elements, the bulk is done but how to give character to this environment? Discover with us the essential accessories in the bathroom how to choose them. Ready to be seduced by some proposals? Here we go.


They are defined accessories but in reality they are essential for decorating your bathroom and anything but marginal. Let’s see why. Practical and functional in organizing your bathroom, but also useful for defining the aesthetics of the environment. For this reason, care and attention are necessary for the proper choice of the same: the same care that we would take for the choice of coverings and bathroom fixtures.

How about taking some hints? There are many ideas in store for you throughout the article: how about copying some of them? Let’s start with the materials and style we want to give to the room. Are you ready to take notes? Here we go.

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Essential accessories in the bathroom how to choose them: materials and styles

First of all, to choose the ideal accessories, as for any other project, you have to understand the availability of space you have. For a large bathroom there will be no problems in preferring countertop accessories, which still create a footprint but will be easier to manage and move at will. If our bathroom is a cramped environment of a few square meters, it goes without saying that the preferred choice is to focus on wall accessories: always evaluate space optimization.

Said this, as far as materials are concerned, there is a wide range of choices: ceramic, steel, glass, stone, wrought iron, wood also choose it based on the style and the imprint you want to give to your bathroom. Simple lines for a minimal bathroom, rounded shapes for one classic, white and seductive for one shabby chic with a romantic and slightly retro taste and so on. Let’s start now with some proposals.


Some proposals

Each of us, according to their needs, will make the necessary reflections and insert them in the bathroom essential accessories. We recommend some of them by ideally dividing the space inside your bathroom: let’s start with the sink.

Washbasin area

Think about this area and what it absolutely cannot miss: the first element that we are going to insert, on the countertop or on the wall, it will be a practical soap holder. There are several elements involved that will make us prefer one type rather than another: design, color, materials and finishes. Essential to embellish your bathroom from an aesthetic point of view, based on the style you have, as well as functional.

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The second element will be a toothbrush holder: hygiene and order in a single move! Complete the look of this area with shelves that can add that extra touch but also lots of extra storage space. Let’s move next to the sanitary ware: what can we need? Find out with us.


Sanitary area

Indispensable in this area the toilet roll holder: to be placed right next to the toilet. How to do without? Different colors, materials and design to fit it inside your bathroom and respect its style. Before leaving, however, choose the solution that suits you best: on the wall or on the floor?

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Evaluate the space available and in the latter case the perfect match remember it is the one with the toilet brush holder. An extra option is also offered by DIY: how about diving into this new adventure? Few elements for a truly unique and surprising project.

Another essential accessory in the bathroom because of its practicality it is the waste basket. Papers, rolls, cotton swabs and much more will not be scattered here and there but thrown in one fell swoop. How about keeping style consistent with other accessories? We come to the shower.


Shower or bathtub

If you think about your moment of relaxation, shower or bath that is, the first element which you choose to enter is own a soap holder: column, corner to take advantage of any space or countertop in the case of our beloved bathtub. On it you can place everything you need. Not just shampoo, conditioner, creams but much more: candles, sponges and anything else that can help create the ideal atmosphere.

Pay close attention to the materials that are rustproof, but also of design and you will have everything at your fingertips. add a nice towel rail and bathrobe in this area, remember that those free to install are real furnishing elements: et voilà your relaxation is served. Finally, let’s see some costs together.



If at this point in the article, you are wondering what are the costs to be faced for the purchase of some essential accessory, the answer cannot be univocal – because there are several options at stake – but we can give you an idea. Based on the materials chosen and the design line you rely on, the cost starts at a few tens of euros and never reaches large figures..

How about starting with accessories to give a breath of fresh air to the bathroom? Finally, remember to take care of it with proper cleaning and no aggressive sprays.


Essential accessories in the bathroom how to choose them: photos and images

These that we have proposed to you in the course of the article are just some of the essential accessories for your bathroom decor. Choose the ones that are right for you, both for functionality and aesthetics. In the following image gallery you will find other ideas to copy: let yourself be inspired!



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