Electric lock: buying guide

More and more families are choosing electric locks. Versatile, resistant and safe, they can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for doors, gates, garages and entrance doors. Affordable, they are the ideal tool to protect your homes. Discover the electric lock that best suits your needs.


The need for security of families increased. Both for those who live in an isolated countryside area and for those who live in a city apartment. In fact, we want our homes to be safe and thief-proof. For this reason, alongside the various passive protection systems, like burglar alarms, yes the use of electronic locks is increasingly widespread.

On the market there are many models with features is different levels of protection. But how to choose the model that best suits your needs? What are the prices of electronic locks? In the following article, we will provide a short guide that can be useful in purchasing the electronic lock for your home.

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Where to install the electric lock

Generally there electric lock it is widely used both indoors and outdoors houses. As for theexternal the electric lock is ideal for open remotely gates of courtyards or gardens. It can be combined with video surveillance systems or intercoms that allow you to see who your visitors are from a distance.

Inside of, electronic locks can be used to open gates of buildings, garage or office doors, but also entrance doors of housing. In addition, they can also be installed for windows or balconies. Electronic locks guarantee a higher level of security for our homes.


How an electric lock is made

In order to function properly a electric lock it must be consisting of two main elements.

  • The closing nozzle. A hollowed metal box, inside which there is a washer, generally made of plastic, which allows the locking of the mobile tooth in the lock, opening or closing. The escutcheon must be mounted on the movable leaf of the door, window or gate.
  • There actual lock. It is a generally made box metal, with a snap closure and opening system. The electric current drives an electromagnetic coil which causes an actuator piston to move. Practically there electric current, it does what a key would do in a traditional lock. The lock is installed on the fixed leaf.

The system of opening of the lock it can be to the right or to the left. The most suitable model depends on specific needs.

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Assembling the electric lock

While it’s not too complex, it makes sense rely on specialized technical personnel What will be able to install all components correctly. Proper installation will keep you safe from malfunctions and make your home safer and safe from malicious people.


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Advantages of an electric lock

Installing an electronic lock presents numerous advantages.

  • Possibility to open the gate, the main door or the entrance door also at a distance.
  • Safety. An electric lock is more difficult to tamper with and therefore makes our homes safer.
  • Versatility. The electric lock it can be mounted in various places, from external to internal spaces of the house. If necessary also on the windows.
  • Accessibility. The costs of electric locks start from a few tens of euros.
  • Adaptability. The locks can be adapted to various needs, they can be opened to the right or left, they can be mounted upwards or downwards.
  • Resistance. The materials in which the electric locks are made have a high resistance. The outdoor models are resistant to high and low temperatures and atmospheric agents.


How to open the electric lock

As we said earlier there are different models of electric locks. The system of opening e of closing of the lock can be activated by different mechanisms.

  • Through a remote controller for remote opening
  • Through a video surveillance or intercom system at a distance
  • With a magnetic card. This is the most commonly used system in hotels for opening rooms.
  • With a numeric keypad. In practice, an alphanumeric code must be entered to open the lock.
  • To Fingerprint. A system that is certainly more expensive, but certainly more secure.
  • In a domotic house, the opening of the lock can also take place through the smartphone.

In any case, all electric lock systems can also be opened with the key, in the event of a breakdown or malfunction.


Costs of electric locks

How easy it is to guess the prices of electric locks are extremely variables. There are several factors that affect the price. On the one hand the complexity or not of the opening system. For example, an electronic lock with fingerprint or numeric keypad will have higher costs than one with remote control or door entry system. On the other part, then also engraves the manufacturer of the lock.

Exist then various price ranges. For the simpler models we start from a few tens of euros. While for the more equipped or more complex models the cost can reach several hundred euros.

The advice we would like to give you is before buying the most suitable electric lock for you, ask for more quotes and get help from a locksmith or by a specialized technician for assembly.


Electric lock: photos and images

The need for protection pushes more and more families to equip themselves with an electric lock. There are many models on the market. Browse the gallery and find out which electronic lock is right for you.


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