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better colors for painting

Ceiling with exposed beams: here are the best colors for painting. Combinations and contrasts to enhance any style, furnishing ideas with natural or fake exposed beams.

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The ceiling with exposed wooden beams is an architectural element of great class, which confers to the environments a rural charm that goes well with a rustic style decor. The real beams at sight I’m, in fact, of the load-bearing elements which help support the weight of the roof.

However is always can install of the beams to the ceiling with a function purely decorative, choosing between laminated wood, plasterboard or polyurethane, materials that give back the same charm of natural wood, but which have the advantage of not being affected by woodworms.

If you want a ceiling with exposed beams, or maybe you want to enhance the existing beams with a simple touch of color, in this article you will find the suggestions suitable for you: discover the best colors for painting of the walls. Here it is how to create the right combinations for enhance the style of furniture and for exalt the charm of exposed beams.

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Raw wood and white walls

The most traditional choice for the painting of the ceiling and walls it is definitely the White, a color that helps make rooms airy and clean. Plus it is also a valid ally for effectively counter with a dark wooden beam, which in some cases is difficult to cover with other colors.

The combination of raw wood with white walls is definitely one winning choice in attic rooms small, or in a room where there are few beams but with a considerable thickness.

White enhances the spaces and highlights the structure of the beams in a clear but elegant way. If you prefer a more dynamic contrast, opt for one wall with bricks and uses the beams to install adjustable spotlights at the top.


Total white: elegance and natural brightness

With a floor Wood dark or terracotta it is advisable opt for a total white look, with white painted walls and beams. The suggestion remains valid even in the presence of coatings on the walls, such as wood panels, stone or colored bricks.

In case there are others dark wood elements, like the fixtures windows or door frames, it would always be better to lighten the color charge with exposed beams painted white. Opt for total white too when the number of beams is Rather dense: in this way the ceiling and walls will immediately seem more slender and lighter.

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Black on white to define the space

Dark beams and white ceiling I’m a choice important, suitable for environments of large size and possibly with a ceiling very tall. In fact, dark colors tend to lower the height of the room and should be used with caution.

The pairing of the black on the white defines the space from above and creates a striking decorative texture, which works especially in modern and contemporary settings.

The black of the beams must be counterbalanced from spotlights embedded in the ceiling is from the use of a floor with light tones. Otherwise there is a risk of making the environment excessively austere. Obviously it will be a good idea to replicate black on white for the furniture as well, breaking up the monotony with a few hints of gray.

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Gray, greige and dove gray

A more recent trend is the use of steel beams with a supporting function, as well as a decorative one. This typology of beams is perfect if inserted in industrial and urban contexts, as it allows you to combine bolder colors for modern color contrasts.

The best combinations, however, the neutral classics remain, in contrast to the white walls or with a lighter tone than the beams. Between these gray, greige and dove gray, colors which you can also use for to paint the beams made in laminated wood.


Cold blue, white and dark wood

White and neutrals are not the only colors that can be used in the presence of a ceiling with exposed beams. In some environments you can create very elegant combinations, using pastel colors. For example pale blue or dusty shades, particularly indicated in the bathroom and bedroom: with the dark wooden beams they create a very refined chromatic contrast.

However, it is better to prefer these colors when the warping is not very dense and the beams have a limited thickness. For the ceiling choose white: you will lighten the environment by highlighting the design of the beams even more.

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Yellow walls and white ceiling

Among the best color combinations for classic environments or for those in ethnic style there definitely is the yellow, which you can choose in its nuances more clear and bright, or warmer and intense turning towards orange.

The choice of the ideal shade basically depends on the environment, the style of furniture and the type of beams you intend to enhance. The yellow, however, remains a evergreen color for the kitchen; as well as making the environment bright and cheerful, creates a rustic and convivial atmosphere, perfect for stimulating the appetite.

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Exposed beams and colors for painting: images and photos

Are you looking for inspiration to find the most suitable colors for painting walls and ceilings with exposed beams? Browse this gallery: here you will find many other images from which you can take inspiration for your home.


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