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Balcony planter to be placed on the ground: your green corner

If the only outdoor space you have is your balcony, how about carving out a green corner in view of the summer? There are several possibilities at your disposal and they all start from the choice of the balcony planter to be placed on the ground. We at Casa e Giardino suggest you materials, design, features and prices. Read on as well.

How to match the right plants on your balcony 5

Give your plants the right space even on the balcony and have fun sowing, transferring and seeing your favorite plants bloom. To do all this just choose the ideal planter, ready to host your greenery on the balcony. If you have no space limits and you can arrange furnishings, accessories and even vases on the floor, however, you must pay close attention to which one to choose for a series of characteristics and needs.

Let’s try to clarify our ideas a little better starting from the ideal characteristics of beauty and functionality. Are you ready to go?

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Balconies have always been an explosion of color in spring: what’s more beautiful than cultivating your passion? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a large garden, even a medium-sized balcony can give us the right space. Watch out for planters: our grandmothers preferred the large terracotta ones or some makeshift ones such as copper pots or cups that are now old. But what does the market offer today?

Different solutions for:

If you do not have a very developed green thumb, take care to choose which plants are most suitable to insert inside your planters and which is the best exposure. Consult with a professional in the sector and make your balcony bloom!


The materials

Just as the design has changed over time, so have the materials, have evolved and are being tested more and more innovative such as fiberglass. For this reason, alongside the much more classic terracotta we find:

  • plastic
  • copper
  • wood
  • concrete
  • Stone.

Choose the material that best suits your needs and let’s see together some concrete and really intriguing proposals to give a new look to your balcony.


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Balcony planter to be placed on the ground: some proposals

Based on the space you have available, any condominium indications or simply following your personal taste, let yourself be inspired. Companies offer different models to conceive your green space: choose yours among our proposals.

Planter with back

Let’s start with one rectangular planter to which a practical backrest is added, which in a game of solids and voids, represents the ideal choice for your climbing plants or, why not, to create a small vegetable garden right on the balcony.

Wood is the materialand that comes used for its realization and that creates a pleasant, very natural effect, also granting you the right privacy. We come to the second proposal to be loved.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group



If you want to create a real oasis of peace on your balcony beyond the right furnishings, you must also combine the right planters. They are beautiful, made of plastic, light and very versatile modular planters that more than one company offers in different colors and sizes.

The fun is all about stacking or juxtaposing them as you please, without worrying about the water: in fact, they are equipped with a self-irrigation system with water reserve.


Design planter

Aesthetics, as we know, gives a great boost to the final choice and plays a fundamental role in the design phase. If you want to give to your outdoor spaces a continuity line with the elegance of the interior, what can not miss is one deep care and attention to detail that will push you towards increasingly sophisticated, surprising designs and innovative materials.

Choose the trendy planter that best suits you among the various available.



If you have back pain, you prefer easier and more practical solutions, on your balcony can not and must not be missing a raised planter that allows you to play with different heights.

On the lower shelf you can store everything that can offer you help in gardening: fertilizer, equipment, gloves, etc. and on the top shelf all your plants. And so we came to the last proposal.


Vertical garden

If you want to create a divider or compose a green wall, the solution lies in the choice of modular planters. Perfect solution for your balcony and that allows you to create in a few steps a vertical garden made of a variety of plants and colors ready to give you some extra privacy.

Light and practical, with a good internal irrigation system they will allow you to furnish your balcony with character: a sofa and the right lighting will be enough to make your balcony special.



Finally we also want to suggest you what is the approximate amount you can spend. Depending on the material, design and size chosen, the budget may vary.

We leave in fact from about € 20.00 to arrive to a maximum of € 70.00 / € 80.00. Take care of the aesthetics of your balcony starting from small details.


Balcony planter to be placed on the ground: photos and images

If you want to give an extra touch of green to your balcony, do not hesitate to choose your favorite planter and, if space permits, have fun playing with different possible combinations and ideas. How about letting yourself be seduced by some other images that we have added for you in the gallery? Find the perfect planter!


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