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If all you dream of in this period is to leave for distant destinations and let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of tropical countries, how about keeping your feet firmly on the ground and bringing an exotic touch to your home? The Brazilian-style furniture with its colors and its energy are the ideal proposal. Let’s try to recreate it together, room after room.

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Close your eyes and imagine you are lying on a white beach to sip your favorite cocktail and to have the sound of the sea waves as the only soundtrack available. How about savoring the same sensations and allowing yourself the right relaxation from the comfort of your home? Next destination: Brazil!

Let’s start by saying that it is a country with strong contaminations, with unparalleled natural and artistic beauties, full of warmth and color! If you want to furnish your home in this style, here is everything that cannot be missing. Embark on a new journey full of charm and tradition with us at Casa e Giardino. Let’s go.

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Where to start if not the most suitable colors to dress your home in Brazilian style? Bring back the Brazilian atmosphere to perfection by letting yourself be enveloped by the right nuances. In this he will help us very the flag of this country waving proudly with blue, green and yellow: make them a source of inspiration for your interior!

From the living area to the bedroom, think about how to give the right brushstrokes and create the perfect color combinations and contrasts. A large part of the success or failure of your decor will depend on their combination. Our suggestion is to be daring and create accent walls in shades of green or yellow, leaving the rest blank, including the ceiling.

If you want to make the environment more intimate and welcoming, opt for a tropical wallpaper: a base in delicate shades and more decisive details are the winning choice. Let’s move on to the furnishings, room by room.

living room-walls-lime-green-18

Brazilian-style furniture: the living room

Let’s start with the living room: central room in the house where we spend most of our free time. What are the ideal furnishings that best reflect the Brazilian soul? Those who prefer the use of natural materials and then wide to furniture, sofas and wooden accessories. Light for a minimal and young look, darker shades for a more refined and elegant setting.

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Complete the look by adding pillows on the sofa and curtains that recall the colors of the flag on the windows or tropical patterns, paintings on the walls or tapestries as a reminder of distant travels and the right lighting are all you need. Add a green touch and voilà the furniture is complete.


One more idea is characterized by the insertion of a bamboo bar corner. Ideal to be able to relive the rhythms of Brazil too: make your favorite cocktail, put on the right music and enjoy your Brazilian-style décor. Let’s read together the perfect recipe to create the right style even in the kitchen.

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The kitchen

Recreate the holiday and relaxation atmosphere typical of Brazil, with the right furniture even in the kitchen. Banned modern lines and neutral or too light colors, yes to the vivacity of colors typical of those areas. Wooden furniture, both light and dark depending on your personal preferences, and craftsmanship with attention to detail they will harmoniously recreate the Brazilian atmospheres.

Play with intriguing color contrasts and add a green touch everywhere: on fabrics or with plants and fruit. Embellish there yours table with a original all natural centerpiece: pineapple, bunches of bananas and exotic fruit will give your kitchen the perfect mood! Let’s go to the bathroom.


The bathroom

How to furnish the most intimate room in the house in this style without making a mistake? Following a few useful indications that we at Casa e Giardino are ready to offer you. It all starts with the measurements of your bathroom and the space you will have available. Do not overload the environment too much or you will get a chaotic and not at all relaxing effect.

The protagonist is always the wood and the green is welcome. Decide whether to choose tropical prints on the walls or leave it white: add some colorful touches with curtains, rugs and towels and the result will surprise you. We conclude our Brazilian trip in the bedroom.



The secret of the success of Brazilian bedroom furniture lies in recreating the carioca lightness by putting aside formality. The focus will be on the wooden furniture and e all the spotlights will be on the bed: canopy or very low minimal version.

Add the right textiles with tropical prints on the bed and walls and go for avery delicate lighting and romantic characterized by light points always in natural material: how about wood, bamboo or the more unusual banana tree? If space permits, add a wicker armchair and that’s it.


Brazilian style furniture: photos and images

How about trying to recreate Brazilian-style décor in your home with our tips? Start looking for the right accessories and let yourself be inspired by some other images we have included for you in the gallery. Let yourself be seduced by the carioca atmosphere!


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