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all the ideas to refresh your summer

Inflatable pools are a great way to cool off hot summer days at home. Here is an overview of the different inflatable pools on the market.

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With the advent of the pandemic, we have been forced to live more in our homes and, if they have them, their outdoor spaces. This is why the interest in furnishing the exteriors and making them more comfortable, even summer-proof, has grown dramatically.

In view of the summer, in which the uncertainties of restrictions, at the moment, have the best, having an inflatable pool to better withstand the heat can be a good idea. Especially since larger in-ground or above-ground pools may not be in line with one’s budget or space.

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From them, inflatable pools have several advantages. The first is, of course, that of the possibility of to be able to take and remove them at will, inflating and deflating them at will. Which means that the maintenance, unlike permanent pools, it is very little.

Certainly, one must do extremely pay attention to how they are stored. Before deflating, they should be clean. Once deflated, they should be folded well and kept away from heat sources that could stick to the plastic (pvc, polyester) with which they are made.

In addition, an inflatable swimming pool it is certainly cheaper and is also suitable for confined spaces, to the delight of the little ones. We must also not forget the ease of installation of the inflatable pools.

In this article, we will show you some of the most popular types of inflatable pools on the market.

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Inflatable pools: characteristics

Robust and resistant, I’m generally made of non-toxic, BPA-free PVC. A material that is able to withstand even high temperatures. Also with regard to the water temperature: up to 50 degrees. Any pool inflatable, has patches for repair, in the event that, unfortunately, some small hole should occur.

Usually, inflatable pools they are equipped with a 90 degree vertical exhaust pipe. Its purpose is to make the water flow away faster, especially when it comes to large inflatable pools.

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The inflation of small inflatable pools can be done with a simple pump pedal. The larger ones, on the other hand, can be inflated very quickly with the help of electric pumps (usually never included in the package). They do their job in minutes, it depends on the size.

As for the cleaning of the water, however, bacteria must be prevented from proliferating. An essential factor to ensure that those who use the pool do not incur any health risks. Need use chlorine and anti algae chemicals. On the market you can find them in the form of tablets, all in one, easy to use.

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The water must have a stabilized pH. To test the pH of the water, however, you can use special tests that will allow you to immediately understand when it is time to intervene with cleaning.

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Rectangular inflatable pools

The rectangular pools are easy to inflate as well they are perfect for both adults and children. Obviously, there are many dimensions. The soft edges ensure a lot of protection. On the bottom, usually, there are bearings that make the pool very comfortable. Which means the pool could also be placed on hard surfaces.

Some rectangular pools may be sold with a parasol included, perfect for sheltering during hot days or if you have very young children. With a parasol they can be made to play without getting burned in the sun.

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Inflatable terrace pools

Whether they are round or rectangular, the inflatable terrace pools they must not be too large. This is not only for reasons of space but also because, once filled with water, they could become too heavy for the attic.

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Large inflatable pools

Both plastic inflatable and PVC frame pools belong to this category of swimming pools. Also in this case, ease of assembly and economy remain.

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Inflatable whirlpool pools

Inflatable whirlpools are very practical while maintaining most of the main features of the most famous outdoor bathtubs. Among the advantages stands out the possibility of being used by several people in comfort; even when inflated, they offer good support for excellent moments of relaxation.

The price factor is not negligible (they cost much less than the classic ones) and the fact that they don’t need a specific place to be put. Widespread across the ocean, the inflatable hydromassage pools are also spreading in Italy, to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation.

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Inflatable swimming pools for children

Perfect for the little ones of the house, inflatable children’s pools feature bright colors and other inflatable elements such as palm trees, sea animals and slides, for cheerful water games.

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Inflatable pools: all the ideas to refresh your summer – photos and images

After we have offered you this overview, you will have a clearer idea. What will be the perfect inflatable pool to cool off your summer?


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