a touch of the Orient in the living room

Futon sofa: discover with us at Home and Garden everything there is to know about this piece of furniture that comes from afar. Give a touch of originality at home with references to Japan and paying the right attention to detail: ready to learn more? Feel comfortable and start reading.


The futon sofa is a touch of the Orient in the home, for your living area but not only: it will know very well how to surprise you in other rooms as well. Literally “rolled mattress” can make a real difference. If you are looking for a piece of furniture to embellish an empty corner or offer an extra bed to your guests, the futon is certainly the most suitable answer. Why?

Little known in the West but in Japan, on the contrary, the main element of each piece of furniture has changed its lines and its charm to meet every need, practical and stylish. The futon, in fact, is perfect for any type of furniture and more and more trendy. Discover with us at Casa e giardino all its main features.

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Futon sofa: the characteristics

The futon sofa to be defined as such must meet certain characteristics. Let’s see them together. The first distinction is the height and, if in Japan it does not exceed 7 cm here in the West we have exceptions and the ideal height (however low) it is around 13-14 cm.

That said, it is possible then to find futon sofas in various measures: a square, a square and a half or two: from 80/90 cm up to 180 cm. With the spread of Japanese culture in furnishing also in Europe and with more attention to organic and everything related to the environment, it is having more and more widespread diffusion.

As per tradition, there is great care in the choice of materials. Let’s see them in detail.


The materials

The futon sofa frame is usually made of wood, an ecological and conscious choice that has been handed down for decades, but variations in the choice of materials concerning its structure are increasingly present and linked to practical needs. Therefore we can find models in metal or plastic.

As for the coating, traditional futons are made with overlapping raw cotton fibers: hypoallergenic and breathable. In the last few years we also find:

  • latex
  • coconut fibers
  • wool
  • synthetic fibers.

Each with its own characteristics and strengths that guarantee a good rest. Let’s move on to design.

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The design of your futon

The reference to oriental aesthetics includes slim lines and a minimum bulk. Perfect for any style and any space, recreate the right mood! Several interesting proposals from the design point of view of different companies, discover the model that best suits your needs.

add a few more zen touches with a natural fiber carpet and a beautiful floora, like a nice bonsai, et voilà give character to your living room. We come to the advantages of preferring it.


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The advantages of choosing a futon sofa at home

If you love oriental style there are several reasons for choosing a futon sofa. Bring home a piece of Japanese tradition and many benefits that will make you love it. We at Casa e Giardino suggest some of them:

  • beautiful and minimal
  • versatile: with a simple mattress you will have double function of sofa and bed
  • comfortable: comfort is its strong point.

At this point, discover with us some tips to keep it always at the top for longer.


Cleaning and maintenance

If you are looking for practical advice to keep your sofa looking like new, just follow a few useful indications that we are ready to offer you. To begin with, at least once a week, you have to beat the mattress to have its interior reset.

Second, you have to have the ability to make it ventilate (especially if you use it as a bed) also mechanically with the help of a hair dryer that blows hot air inside. Finally, carefully read the information concerning the correct washing procedure. Usually these are removable and washable fabrics that can be washed if necessary.

Enjoy all the relaxation you deserve whenever you want.

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Where to buy it and how much does it cost?

If you are planning to buy a futon sofa for your living room just have a look online and find the store closest to you or who offers you the delivery directly to your home. Many occasions and for all budgets. In fact, the sofa in question does not need a huge budget.

Costs obviously vary according to the variables involved: the quality of the materials, the coatings and the size chosen, but you can enjoy a excellent value for money starting from approximately € 200.00 up to € 800.00 / 900.00 at most.


Futon sofa: photos and pictures

If by reading our article you have finally found all the information you needed to furnish your living room or your outdoor spaces with style and personality, how about finding further inspiration by browsing the image gallery below? Many other ideas are ready to surprise you!


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