5 elegant colors for the entrance: a refined touch

The first impression is what counts: how many times have we heard this expression and how true it is even at home. If you love refinement and want to give a refined touch to your entrance, discover with us at Home and Garden the 5 elegant colors to use. Read our tips too: you will love them all!


Entrance is your business card, the room to which we often pay less attention than the other rooms in the house and in which we accumulate styles. In fact, it is essential for a good design of your spaces in the house. The entrance, in fact, acts as a trait d’union between the external environment and your interiors, the first environment that welcomes us on returning home in the evening and the last that we greet before leaving.

Therefore, great care and attention must be paid to the choice of furnishings and accessories, but the same must be done for colors. Choosing the most suitable one will add charm to your entrance. Read our 5 fascinating proposals: all to be copied.

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1. Ivory white

Let’s start with a classic: white. In its macro palette, different points of white to choose from – from ice to off-white, from cream to ivory that we have designed for you. All colors suitable to illuminate your entrance and dress it with elegance combined with the right furniture.

The White ivory, in particular, it is a warm nuance, different from the usual: chic par excellence, perfect for a romantic touch and which lends itself to various types of color combinations: blacks, grays but also more daring colors. Why not choose the walls of your entrance? Ideal whether you have a large or rather small space and it goes perfectly with the wood. Let’s move on to the second proposal.


2. Classic blue

Pantone of the year 2020, the curtain has never fallen on this color: always current, always elegant and perfect for any environment. How about welcoming home with this nuance? The classic blue it is deeper than navy and softer than electric blue. There perfect color to give elegance to your entrance.

A color that has always been chosen to communicate calmness, an idea of ​​relaxation and, as always, very popular as a color in the bedroom but also has success in other rooms. Choose it for your entrance: at walls, on fabrics or up details of your furnishings. We come to the turtledove.

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3. Turtledove

Interior designers love it and that’s why among the most popular shades in recent decades for home decor. Delicate, neutral and sophisticated shade, it is able to communicate welcome, warmth and elegance at first glance. The dove is love at first sight! It arises halfway between brown and gray, a perfect color for your entrance, don’t you think?

That extra touch that is missing and with a specific extra feature of the other colors: it matches perfectly with other shades and above all with any style of furniture. There is not only one dove gray, but the palette is quite widespread from softer to more intense tones. Choose the one that best suits your entrance but be careful to dose it well, the risk? You could flatten the environment. Use it for the walls but also for the accessories and the result will be really full of charm.

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We come to the next chromatic alternative: sage green, more modern, with character and personality to sell.


4. Sage green

Sage green made a comeback last season where he began to appear on the fashion catwalks and to enter our homes with discretion: trendy color that, with a few brushstrokes, manages to give every room the right touch of elegance. Ideal in any room, perfect for playing with intriguing contrasts, distinctive feature: originality.

Choose it to welcome home and with its nostalgic note it gives your interior a vintage look. Let’s make room for elegance and personality. We come to the latest color proposal: gray.


5. Gray

Could he be missing, the king of elegance? Gray is one of the most popular colors for interiors: sophisticated and luxurious. Always appreciated by designers who consider it one of the most suitable colors to dress the interiors with elegance.

Choose the perfect gradation: an intriguing and enveloping nuance that, thanks to its neutrality and versatility, allows you to play with different combinations of colors and materials and create a never banal environment.

Play with the different styles and use gray for the walls of the house, floors, furnishings or accessories: they will make your entrance even more chic. Accompany himfinally with touches of gold or bronze to make it even more sensual.


5 elegant colors for the entrance: photos and images

And which color do you prefer among those we have proposed to you in the course of the article? These we have suggested are just 5 elegant colors for the entrance that you can draw on to welcome you in the house but many others await you. Let yourself be inspired by some other proposals in the following image gallery.


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