10 ideas for decorating with style

Choosing to furnish your home with Plexiglas furniture is a stylish and trendy choice. Playing with transparencies can give a truly original touch to the home and goes well with any style. How about trying and choosing a few pieces together?


Plexiglas is a plastic material really interesting, versatile and functional also known by the name of methacrylate, it is perfect for decorating your interiors with elegance and discretion. Make it a strong point of your furniture, a focal point on which to focus and around which to build your spaces and make your personality shine through.

Create a interesting mix with the right combinations: neutral tones and soft fabrics like fur. The furniture made in this material they are perfect both for decorating your interior spaces – especially in the living room and in the kitchen to create that extra something – and for outdoor spaces like your garden. There are several strengths that will make you prefer them. How about reading some features together?

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Plexiglas furniture: the characteristics

Plexiglas is often used in place of glass. In common with it has transparency, but plus it has some features that you will certainly fall in love with:

  • fireproof
  • light
  • impact resistant.

How about starting to compose your style starting from some piece whose charm is timeless? Let’s start with the sessions, ideal wherever you want.


1. The chairs

The transparent chair is a must. If you love classic atmospheres revisited in modern terms, it is a piece of furniture that you just cannot give up. Several designs are proposed and all very interesting and versatile, appreciated by all design enthusiasts: from essential lines perfect for a minimal style to the softer and more sinuous ones that have a vintage flavor. Make your choice and create the perfect combination!

You can introduce them in any environment: next to the dining table, to furnish your smart working station with style or to embellish your walk-in closet. Let’s move on to the second proposal.

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2. The tables

Round, rectangular, oval: choose to furnish your dining area with personality, and start right from the Plexiglas table that suits you best. Ideal if you love the transparency of glass but prefer the practicality of Plexiglas plus other added values: you can select the color what do you want, the measure which you prefer, combine legs in Plexiglas or playing with interesting contrasts such as wood or steel.


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3. The coffee tables

The tables are the undisputed protagonists of the seating area to be placed next to the sofa or placed in front of it. If you have small children at home and you are afraid that glass can cause disasters, focus everything on Plexiglas. Tables are waiting for you of design to better design this space and make it beautiful and functional.


4. The dresser

Choosing the dresser for your bedroom can add value to this room giving a unique, romantic or modern atmosphere. The Plexiglas line includes a sinuous and elegant shape a little retro which, with the insertion of several large and functional drawers, offer you a design piece of furniture but at the same time more storage space in which to keep your clothes in sight.

Also in this case you can choose the transparency or the color: how about combining a pair of bedside tables of the same design?


5. The bedside tables

Plexiglas bedside tables they are the modern solution you have always been waiting for. Practical, beautiful and functional places next to the bed make the environment light and design. You can opt for soft and sinuous or more squared lines which, in the absence of drawers, require a minimum bulk.

Add the right accessories, details or complements, to complete the look. How about a beautiful bedside lamp or fresh flowers to give a touch of perfume and color? Let’s move on to the next idea.

furniture-plexiglas-bedside tables

6. The console

Whether you need your own corner to work or you prefer a corner to devote to your beauty routine, choosing the perfect console table is quite a difficult task. The style and the imprint that you will give to the whole room depends on it. We suggest you a Plexiglas console, discreet and elegant, to furnish your corner with simplicity. Adding a few details will make it special.


7. The TV cabinet

Let’s take a seat in the living room and, to make it really design, why not add a plexiglas TV cabinet? Multiple shelves, on wheels to move it everywhere and with drawers for storing objects and sorting wires. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


8. The library

Another interesting proposal to furnish your living room with style is the plexiglas bookcase which combines the beauty of transparency with the lightness and strength of this material. Beautiful, functional and seductive, design your spaces with elegance and discretion adding style to this room where books become absolute protagonists on the walls.


9. The bar stool

A touch of glamor to your interior is offered by the inclusion of some elements: how about offering an extra design seat to your guests with a practical bar stool strictly in Plexiglas?

To be placed next to your corner bar or the classic island in the kitchen: add a touch of style and comfort with the right pillow!


10. The magazine rack

We conclude our roundup with one little idea to fill a corner and keep your favorite magazines in order. Not only shelves but also nice magazine racks of every style and size with interweaving of materials in a constant and profitable dialogue with the environment that hosts it.

furniture-plexiglas-magazine racks

Plexiglas furniture: cleaning and maintenance

We conclude our analysis with a practical aspect: how to keep our furniture clean and live longer? Take care of clean the surfaces constantly and above all use the ideal tools: a microfiber cloth and neutral soap they are all that is needed.

Absolutely avoid the use of alcohol or aggressive products that could scratch or yellow the product.


Plexiglas furniture: photos and images

These that we have proposed to you are just some of the furniture made of Plexiglas to choose from. Many other solutions await you and different price ranges to refer to. Before saying goodbye, take a look at the gallery of images that follows, many other ideas are ready to inspire you.


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