World Recycling Day 2021 are you recycling at home?

Today, May 17, World Recycling Day is celebrated. This is a very important day for everyone. Because it aims to make the population aware of the importance of treating waste. This commemoration was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2005. UNESCO thus seeks to promote greater responsibility, not only seen from the perspective of the consumer citizen. Also the responsibility of the one who extracts the raw material and of the one who transforms it into a consumer good.

World Recycling Day do you meet the three Rs?

world recycling day

As citizens of the world we have an obligation every day to reduce waste. And also minimize our carbon footprint. An obligation that is not limited to World Recycling Day. Because the care of the planet must be every day forever. To collaborate in caring for our environment, it is enough to strive to comply with the so-called “three Rs”.

These are reduce, reuse and recycle. And how can you at home, join this fight for the planet. Simply working to reduce consumption. When making the purchase we must buy in bulk, choosing the least amount of packaging. Disregarding the shopping bags. Using cloth bags.

Reuse everything that is possible to give a new utility. The garbage that is thrown away in homes every day is largely reusable. The bottles, bags and cardboard boxes are discarded without further ado. Elements that can have several uses. If you look closely, everyone can have a new life of utility and decoration.

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The third R is to recycle. Although many ignore it, much of the garbage at home and the objects that we dispose of are recyclable. Our work to give a new use to what we discard begins when we throw it away. Destines each object to the corresponding container.

Blue container: Paper and cardboard. Yellow container: Containers (bottles, bags, cans) Clean the containers beforehand and, if possible, flatten them to reduce their volume. Light green container: Glass. Clean the containers first and remove the lids. Dark green container: Rest of waste: organic matter.

recycling world recycling day

It doesn’t take much effort to put each item we dispose of in the right container. And our economy will always benefit if we consider reducing packaging and others when we make the purchase. Especially if we like crafts and DIY, we will find a lot to recycle. Wonderful objects that we can obtain from what we simply throw away.

DIY and recycling = creativity and savings

world recycling day diy

When you start DIY projects you get great benefits. You perform a task that exploits your creativity. You save by creating a new object created by you with total originality. And we all know that making crafts and objects at home contributes to relaxation and eliminates stress. If you are looking for a hobby, you will find that this can be as exciting as any other. Recycle all household items and reuse.

There are many objects of the most varied materials that can be recycled. And that will adapt in a thousand ways in the decoration. Glass, plastic, paper, and textiles can be recycled. We take care of the environment, undertake entertaining projects and save money. Because there are many reasons to join the work of recycling and caring for the environment. Every day and not just on International Recycling Day.

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The environmental benefits are important, because recycling reduces the use of raw materials. It saves energy and water that are consumed in large quantities in the industry. Industrial manufacturing also causes greenhouse gas emissions that can be reduced by recycling.

Recycling and home decoration

world recycling day flower pots

We want this International Recycling Day to consider making improvements in your life. So that recycling becomes an important part of your life. Taking advantage of recycling materials that become objects again. What will help your economy and the environment. But they will also add to what you are most passionate about, decoration.

Take advantage of everything that is still useful at home. Especially the containers where the milk comes, the orange juice. As well as those metal objects. You can turn them with a little time and a lot of your creativity into beautiful objects. Original and colorful flowerpots for your garden. Original and fun vases to decorate the rooms. Don’t think of unattractive objects, because you can make them the most beautiful. And if you want to, you can create a home where recycling is the protagonist of the most original and attractive decoration.

diy world recycling day

The paper is also constantly thrown away without further ado. Use the newspaper to make various shapes with papier-mâché. If you don’t know it, papier-mâché is the name of a craft technique that dates back to ancient times. It had its origin in China, Persia and India. A paper pulp used to make the most beautiful objects for decoration. The waste paper combined with plaster or plaster, allow to make a variety of objects. From small vases to dolls. You discover an unknown talent in you, joining the recycling of paper.

Garments are often recycled in the family, when there are young children. A that is an ideal way to economize that is an ancient tradition. From times when we didn’t even think about recycling. But you can also take advantage of textiles by turning them into new garments. If they are usually made of cotton, you can make new curtains by combining clothes and colors. Organizer bags can also be made for endless items. If they are in good condition, why not recycle? You can make pigtails for hair. Maybe even a belt or a sarong, the sky is the limit for your imagination!

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The water that is scarce every day and that is already a limited good in many places can also be used to the maximum. On this World Recycling Day, take note of the many ways you can reuse it. Do not throw away the water where you have boiled your vegetables. Let it cool and water your plants with it, they will look perfect. When cleaning the dishes, start by lathering all the utensils. Remove the soap by running the dishes through a bowl of clean water. You can take advantage of the soapy water to remove the dust from the glasses. You will only have to use less water to clean them with a cloth.

Reuse leftover food to create delicious new dishes. You can discover many wonderful options that allow you to throw away less food. And take care of your economy. With the leftovers that are no longer fully usable but are still fine, you can create compost for your plants. If you use notebooks and paper, choose recycled paper. And if you are going to choose cutlery, why not choose bamboo. They are biodegradable.

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And what do you do to recycle? Reduce? re-use?

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