Minnie Mouse DIY centerpiece

The decorations of Minnie Mouse parties do not go out of fashion, on the contrary, there are more and more beautiful novelties for girls. In this case I’m going to share a very easy tutorial to make a Minnie Mouse centerpiece.

Many times we think about the theme of the party we want to make for our children’s birthdays, but we are full of work to do, because there are so many options on the web about these topics, that everything we see, we want to add to the decoration.

And many times it’s a mistake, we have to focus first on what’s necessary, so we can then see if we have time or space left at the sweet table, for example, to add elements that contribute little and nothing.

This option that I bring today, is useful to place in the tables of the guests and also to place in the main table. This is a vertical, high table centerpiece that does not take up a lot of space on the table, which is where we will place plates, trays, etc…

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It occurs to me at this time that can serve as a container of candy, in the pot of this Minnie Mouse centerpiece there is enough space to complete it with sweets, in addition it would be very decorative and functional.

But to do so, you need to know the materials and the step-by-step you’ll see below.

Materials for making a Minnie Mouse centerpiece

  • Spheres of telgopor: 1 of 15 cm for the head and two of 7 or 8 cm for the ears
  • Block of telgopor to place inside the flowerpot
  • Brochette sticks
  • Black aerosol paint (for handicrafts, conventional aerosol paint does not work as it melts the telgopor)
  • Pot
  • Ribbon to make the bow tie
  • Silicone gun
  • Wooden rod

TIP: If you can’t get water spray paint, you can paint the dial with black acrylic paint. Then apply a layer of plasticola and sprinkle with black glitter.

Step by step to make the Minnie Mouse centerpiece

  • Paint the spheres with the aerosol paint (or with the TIP I gave you above) holding them with a wooden stick. Leave to dry for 24 hours.
  • Place a piece of telgopor in the pot, taking into account that it is well adjusted to hold Minnie’s head well.
  • Place the wooden rod on the largest sphere and prick it on the piece of telgopor placed in the pot.
  • Place the chopped brochette sticks on the small spheres and place them in place of the ears.
  • Paint the wooden rod with black paint.
  • Make a bow with the ribbon, you can see this tutorial to make a perfect bow tie. When you have it ready, stick it on Minnie’s head between her ears with the silicone gun.
  • Finally, place pink paper cut into strips on the surface of the pot. That’s where you can add candy.

Source: simplybeingabby

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