Maisons du monde giardino 2021 catalogo 6

Maisons du monde garden 2021 the catalog with the news

The Maison du Monde chain of furniture stores has many proposals for your 2021 garden. Let’s see them together in detail, inspiration after inspiration.

Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog 6

The home has become the beating heart of our life. Not that it wasn’t before but, with the advent of the pandemic, it proved to be fundamental make the most of every space, even the external one, to experience relaxation and even work.

The proposals for the garden in the Maison du Monde catalog try to give space, as usual, aesthetics but also to evoke distant lands. Inspirations, those of the furniture store chain, which try to be not only trendy but also sustainable. The goal is to create unique wellness spaces without leaving home. Outdoor furniture, and more, that allow you to live outdoors not only in summer.

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The chain of shops originally from Lyon, since its inception in 1996, has always had the goal of selling furniture and furnishing accessories with an exotic charm and reminiscent of travel. The first Italian store was opened in 2007 while the listing on the stock exchange dates back to 2016. In addition to the numerous physical stores, the items offered by the French chain can also be purchased online.

It is not necessary to have large open spaces. Not only chairs and tables but also sun loungers, shading and design lights. Even the small terraces can be furnished in a unique way, thanks to the proposals of Maison du Monde for 2021. Let’s see a few.

Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog 7

Maison du Monde proposals for XXL gardens

Maisons du Monde, in his catalog dedicated to garden for the 2021, has thought of all types of spaces. Let’s start with the XXL ones where the inspirations are many. Among the unique products for this type of garden, stand out the furnishings that will make you live your outdoor space, as if you were traveling on a distant island.

Crusoé, for example, is an outdoor canopy bed, made of whitened teak branches. All with an oil finish. To complete it, mattress and cushions covered in water resistant polyester fabric. The structure is to be assembled and accessorised. The cost hovers around the 2000 euros.

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Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog 1

Inspired by the same philosophy, the complete furnishing set that takes the name of Cerrado. The set it consists of: a corner sofa, a low table, a round armchair and a suspension armchair. All made of woven polyethylene resin. It will really feel like you are on an island on vacation and not in your own backyard.

Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog 2

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

Maison du Monde proposals for smaller gardens

Maison du Monde also thinks of the smallest spaces. Whether they are outdoor spaces of smaller dimensions, such as gardens, or terraces and terraces, it is not certain that even there you cannot touch a unique and exotic touch.

This is the case of the armchairs and small armchairs that belong to the Nairobi series. The trade d’union between all the seats is the braided rope. The structure of the Nairobi armchair is made of acacia. The cost is around 300 euros.

Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog 3

Maison du Monde’s evergreens for the garden

Among the proposals continuative of the chain, the modular sofa of the Flexy range stands out. It is a sofa (or armchairs) made up of cubes created with a structure in aluminum. Each cube can be aligned and placed side by side without limits. In the catalog, Maison du Monde recommends playing with shades of color.

The upholstery of the sofa is in olefin. It is a high quality material that can withstand the sun’s rays and bad weather as well as wear. In the same series there are also poufs and corner armchairs. Prices start at around 300 euros for the pouf.

Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog 4

The Maison du Monde children’s garden

The outdoor spaces should be experienced not only by adults, but also by the little ones of the house. Here because Maison Du Monde dedicates their an entire section of furniture and outdoor accessories. It is about mostly colorful furnishings, made of natural materials. Some are nothing more than a faithful replica of those of adults. This is the case, for example, with deck chairs.

Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog 5

Maisons du Monde’s commitment to sustainability

For 2021, the French chain of furniture stores, pays particular attention to the sustainability of materials used for the realization of his products. The selected raw materials are sustainable and recycled ones are preferred. In fact, both plastic and wood are recycled.

In addition, around 20,000 pieces of furniture are repaired or given away every year in the Maison du Monde workshops. Furthermore, part of the annual turnover is allocated to support environmental associations.

Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog 8

Maisons du monde garden 2021 catalog: photos and images

Now that you have an overview of the Maison du Monde garden catalog for 2021, all you have to do is shop and start decorating your outdoor space.



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