How to make a giant paper Dahlia

With the arrival of spring, we think only of fresh, floral, and colorful decorations. That’s why today I want to share this DIY to make a beautiful giant paper flowerin this case a Dahlia. If you don’t know this flower, I’ll tell you a little bit… it’s a beautiful flower in the shape of a very round pompom and contains a large number of petals that form a perfect circumference. It does not have a very pleasant aroma but it is extremely decorative and there are many colors. Some varieties are nuanced and bloom from the beginning of summer to well into autumn.

Its shape is very nice and it is worth to make a Giant paper dahlia to decorate our home or a festive event. It adapts very well to a bottom of giant flowers combined with other varieties. For example this giant pink cardboard that I shared at another time. It is very easy and even the boys can help in the elaboration of this beautiful flower.

Materials to make a giant paper Dahlia

  • Cardboard for 25 cm base
  • Cardboard of the desired colors
  • Silicone gun
  • Scissors

Step by Step to Make the Giant Paper Dahlia

  • Cut the cardboard circle of 25 cm in diameter and further inside draw another circle of 20 cm but do not cut it.
  • Cut out squares of 15 cm side cardboard and form cones, gluing the thin end to hold and keep the cone armed.
  • Take the cones and flatten the tip, fold up 1 and 1/2 cm.
  • Place silicone glue on the flattened side and glue on the edge of the cardboard circle. To make the first round leave a space between each cone.
  • Once the first lap is finished, start with the second, glue the petals atlernating them between the previous ones. (Not between the previous ones, but a turn inward)
  • Continue with all rounds until you reach the center. For this make four petals a little smaller.

I hope you like this idea and put it into practice to decorate what you like. Below you will see more options of Giant Dalias with different colors and combinations.

Source: lovepomegranatehouse

Images: Pinterest

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