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How to make a DIY bench cushion

Making a DIY bench cushion is super easy! Choose how to make it: with or without seams, the result will still be flawless. Here are the instructions for making a beautiful, comfortable and tailor-made bench cushion.

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Those who own a bench often give up making it comfortable, because it is not easy to find a custom-made pillow that suits your case. But with DIY it is possible to make a suitable one to your needs, using the fabrics and prints you prefer, for an even more personal touch.

If you are thinking that this is hard work, you will have to change your mind very soon. In this article we will show you how to make a pillow for bench in a few steps.

You can make it happen with the sewing machine, but if you are not comfortable with needle and thread you can also do without it e make it happen seamless, with a very simple alternative method. More, we will show you how to do a topstitch decorative at the edges, for a beautiful and comfortable pillow like those found in the shop.

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And that’s not all! Yes, because we will also show you how to make an outdoor cushion waterproof. Find out how to make a DIY bench cushion: with or without seams, the result will be flawless in any case!

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Required material

For this creative project you will need some basic materials, valid for both the machine-stitched and the seamless pillow. Furthermore, if you are willing to make one that will serve a cover a garden bench, you will need to use a waterproof fabric and resistant, or a waterproof spray.

Here is the necessary material to make a DIY bench cushion:

  • sheets of tissue paper ideal for paper patterns
  • scissors and tape measure
  • cloth to taste
  • pins
  • sponge or foam for padding
  • zip or adhesive velcro
  • stapler for upholstery (for the seamless cushion).

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Machine-stitched bench cushion

If you’ve decided to brush up on your sewing machine and challenge yourself with making a bench cushion, here’s how to proceed:

  1. first of all marks the size of the pillow by measuring the width and there seat length. The thickness of your pillow it must correspond to the thickness of the padding;
  2. reports the measurements obtained on the sheet of tissue paper, drawing a rectangle equal to the length and width of the bench. To these measures add an inch per each side: you will need it for the seams;
  3. reports the measure of depth on a sheet of tissue paper e draw two rectangles with a length equal to seat width; repeat also for the short sides, drawing two more rectangles. Their length, this time, will have to match the length of the bench. Before you cut out the paper rectangles, don’t forget to add one centimeter to each side;
  4. cut all the rectangles drawn on the pattern e reports each drawing on the fabric, helping you with of pins to fix the paper well to the fabric. Reuse the larger pattern to cut the back of the pillow;
  5. sew inside out all the side rectangles to one of the two larger rectangles. For the moment, keep the other aside: take care of the first stitching of the corners, following the directions in the photo below.

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Now that the pillow is almost done, you just have to join the last rectangle of fabric, which will form the bottom of your bench cushion. If your intention is to create a removable cushion, sew a zipper or velcro tape to the back side of the pillow, before closing all sides with machine stitching.

Self instead you want a pillow completely Closed, sew the last one rectangle on three sides only and leave one open for insert the padding. Once placed inside the pillow, you can end the job with a hand seam, using the blind stitch on the side left open.

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Seamless bench cushion

The procedure for to achieve a seamless bench cushion is definitely faster and immediate and is within everyone’s reach. There are various methods that you can adopt, but the one we are about to propose is undoubtedly the simplest method. Here’s how to do it:

  1. mark the measurements of the bench (height and width) on a sheet for paper patterns. Draw a rectangle and cut out the template;
  2. reports the design of the silhouette on the padding and cut out the rectangle drawn, precisely following the lines of the drawing;
  3. once you get the padding rectangle, place it in the center of a large clipping of cloth is fold the fabric like if I wanted to wrap a large one gift box;
  4. with the help of a stapler fixes the fabric in its opening points, making it adhere perfectly to the sponge below.

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Decorative stitching

A bench cushion does not need any special decoration, but if you want it you can make a decorative topstitch with one or more embroidery threads in one color in contrast.

To make this seam, use a needle with an eye large enough to pass between the edges of the fabric without difficulty. Realize of the straight seams along the edges of the pillow, alternating points to an empty space.

The size of the stitch should correspond to the length of the thumbnail: to make a precise seam, bring your thumb closer while making the stitches. One time finished the job go back and cover the spaces remained empty.

You can use the same thread, but if you want decorative topstitching that is vibrant and impressive alternate the seams using different colors.

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DIY bench cushion: pictures and photos

Are you looking for ideas to create a DIY bench cushion? Take a look at the image gallery and find the style that’s right for you.


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