How to assemble a box in the shape of a frozen popsicle

box for ice cream candies

If you have already seen the previous publication on the New theme of my online store ICE CREAMYou can’t miss this explanation to be able to assemble the boxes in the shape of popsicles or popsicles. They are very tempting!….

I designed this original little boxes for you to look at your parties, they are creative and you’ll get the applause when you give them as a gift. souvenir on your little girl’s birthday. They can be filled with sweets or small present, as they have a comfortable enough size for a souvenir. They are 68 mm wide x 150 mm high (without stick) x 225 mm deep. It occurred to me that you could place a bandana for the girls, bracelets, buckles, or any other element of beauty that we know they love!

These boxes in the shape of ice popsicles are printed on matt or glossy A4 size sheets, that’s to your personal liking, 200 to 300 gs thick. If you’re going to put heavy gifts inside, I recommend you do it on the thickest paper.

Having said all this, I’ll tell you step by step. Underneath the detail you will see the image.

Assembling a box in the shape of an iced palette

  1. Print the box template. There are three different colors in the same file and two models to choose from, ice cream in plain colours o ice creams of three flavours.
  2. Cut out the contour neatly and mark the fold lines with a pointed object that does not cut and fold gently, can be a birome without ink. Place double-sided tape or the glue of your choice in the places indicated.
  3. Glue starting from the side, then the upper lashes, first the outer lashes and then the central lashes.
  4. Use a cutter to cut the small line marked on the bottom cover.
  5. Prepare the stick as follows: Cut along the dotted line, mark the fold lines. Place glue or double-sided tape in the centre (do not go beyond the perpendicular line and glue. Trim neatly around the contour and cut the top to the line that crosses. Open like fins to make sure it’s okay. Close again and insert into the lid opening. Place tape on the fins and glue them together as shown in the image.
  6. Close the bottom cover and you’re done! Arrange the stick in case it doesn’t fit well and you can take it to your candy bar table!


boxes in the shape of ice popsicles

boxes to print in the form of ice cream

I hope you liked them and added them to your ice-cream theme party. See you soon! Kisses!

The designs, models and templates of these boxes belong to Printable Cards – All rights reserved. They are marketed in Printable Cards Online Store.

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