Here’s how to make Christmas decorations with salt dough

Material and procedure to create beautiful Christmas decorations with salt dough. What do you need to make the salt dough? How should the dough be created? How should the decorations be cooked? Here’s everything you need to know to make great decorations using DIY art and salt dough.

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The decorations are the essential elements during the holidays, they cannot be missing! There is who punctually he takes the cartons from the cellar and like every year he decorates the house using the same decorations, and who instead it catapults in shop to stock up of decorations trendy.


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But that’s not all, there are those who buy the new and those who reuse the old, but also who wants something new is has no possibility to buy new decorations. To cope with this it is possible to realize of the decorations decorations with their own hands using there salt dough. You know, it is possible to make decorations with many and many things, but salt dough is one of the most versatile elements and allows you to create perfect, Christmas and resistant decorations.

You want to find out how to make Christmas decorations with salt dough? Keep reading.


Christmas decorations with salt dough: dough

The salt dough turns out to be a dough easy to make, you need a few ingredients, all simple to find. Indeed, we are sure that they are present in everyone’s homes! The dough that must come out must be compact enough, so as to look like a shortcrust pastry.


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To make the salt dough dough you need:

  • 5 glasses of flour
  • 2 glasses of salt
  • 2 glasses of water
  • Dyes food to taste
  • Oil (to grease hands).


The first thing to do is the take a basin is to merge all the ingredients, except the dyes food. To knead need grease slightly le hands with oil, in this way the dough is not sticky. Subsequently it is necessary to make a compact and homogeneous mixture, in a second moment it is necessary divide the dough and color it with the different dyes such as red, green, yellow, black, in short, with colors of your choice. After having made the various colored doughs you have to leave them to rest.


Christmas decorations with salt dough: shapes

Once you have made the various doughs you need to equip yourself with the necessary and start give shape to decorations. To do this must have the following “tools of the trade” are available, such as:

  • molds for cookies Christmas
  • rolling pin
  • paper from oven
  • drinking straw or needle often.


The first thing to do is the take the baking paper and place it on the worktop. Once this is done, take one of the doughs made and place it on the paper. With a rolling pin need do a light one pressure and start smoothing e roll out the dough in order to to form a base smooth, high about 1 cm.


After having created the base, you have to take the molds, place them on the base and make the decorations in various forms such as: stars, Santa Claus, balls, reindeer, in short, the one you prefer most. Subsequently need take a straw or needle quite often and to achieve a hole. The above will allow you, later, to hang decorations with ease. After carefully following these steps you need to move on to the next step, cooking.


Christmas decorations with salt dough: cooking

To cook the decorations in salt dough there are two ways, oven or microwave. Baking in the oven is very similar to baking cookies and sweets. In fact, it must be done preheat the oven to 150 degrees for about 15 minutes, only then is it possible put the cookies in the pan, lined with baking paper e let them cook for 30 minutes about.


It’s possible cook these decorations too in the microwave, putting two cookies at a time, to maximum power for 2 minutes about. We advise you to cook them in the oven, in this way you can keep an eye on everything without the risk of running into unpleasant misunderstandings. Once cooked, you have to let them cool, only afterwards it is possible to move on to decoration.


Christmas decorations with salt dough: decoration ideas

There are several ways to decorate decorations in salt dough, to make it you will need:

  • glue is glitter
  • colors acrylics
  • spray can shiny.

Here's how to make Christmas decorations with salt dough

To decorate you need to take a decoration at a time and free all there yours fantasy. If you take one decoration in the shape of a tree Christmas, can to decorate with the brush and colors drawing the balls.

If by chance you take one decoration in the shape of Santa Claus, can to take there glue, pass it on the part of the dress is to fill the whole of red glitter, in short, you just have to give vent to creativity! Once done all you have to do is spray the glossy can, this way the decorations will look bright and sparkling.


How to make Christmas decorations with salt dough: images and photos

After reading this article you will be able to create with your hands of Christmas decorations truly splendid and resistant in every form. We have described the procedure suitable for creating the salt dough, the necessary and we have also revealed some cooking tricks. Furthermore, we have decided to give you many decoration ideas in the article but also in the gallery of images and photos you find here. You just have to browse it!


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