Here’s how to make a DIY nativity scene with recycled material

Find out how to make a beautiful Christmas nativity scene using recycled materials. What is needed and how to make an original nativity scene, using the art of DIY and recycled materials. The result will leave everyone speechless, it will be Christmas and perfect to set up next to the Christmas tree.

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Christmas is a magical time which allows everyone to create an enchanted atmosphere in the home, then to decorate it in the best possible way allowing you to give maximum vent to creativity. But Christmas is also the period in which we let ourselves go to joy and carefree to enjoy unique moments of sharing with your loved ones, chasing tradition.


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Making a nativity scene is a beautiful moment to share with loved ones, especially if this comes completely handmade using recycled materials. In this way it is not only a significant gesture of sharing, but a real help to the environment.

Throughout this article, we will explain step by step how to make a DIY nativity scene using the art of creative recycling, we will give you several ideas that of course you can customize in your own way.


Nativity scene with cans

The first idea that we are going to describe is very simple to make and will allow you to create an original nativity scene by recycling simple cans. Using the aforementioned you can create two types of nativity scene, let’s start with the first and fastest to make. You have to take the cans, already empty of course e color them using a spray can, preferably white.

After having colored them, you have to let them dry for good, later with a marker need draw one of the characters of the nativity scene on each can, finally color them with acrylic paints. Also the hut will have to be made with cans, just glue them between them giving the classic form.


Another idea, consists of taking a can and making a decorative mini nativity scene. To do it it is necessary to carve the can creating a sort of door is afterwards color everything. Then just add some small pebbles carefully drawn inside, will be the protagonists of the nativity scene, adding a few more details will complete the whole thing. This idea is really simple and perfect as a gift too!

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Nativity scene with shoe boxes

To make a nativity scene using shoe boxes you will need very few elements, you can proceed with the help of children and grandchildren, it’s a simple job perfect to do in the company of children. First you need to get the shoe boxes, there is no specific size fit any size.


The next step is to color the boxes, better to choose a neutral color, quite clear why on each box the various components will have to be made by hand. Alternatively, you can also think of photocopying the various characters, cutting them out and then glue them on the boxes. It’s a simple job that doesn’t take time and effort.

After having made the various characters the cave must be built. Just glue together different boxes in such a way as to make a fairly large structure perfect to contain the various decorated boxes.


Nativity scene with plastic bags and bottles

To recycle all the annoying ones plastic bottles you can think of making a beautiful and innovative crib. The small bottles will dress up as protagonists, just paint them of a nude pink and to add gods bits of cloth is gods little ones details in order to complete them.


The construction of the hut must be done using the bottles of large dimensions, just glue them together in such a way as to create the appropriate structure. After creating the whole structure of the hut you need to color it, perhaps using cans.

The addition of themed details, such as stars made with cardboard will complete the whole. Self by chance in your crib you would like to add a pond you should get a nice blue envelope fold it e add a little water.


Nativity scene with toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls are perfect for making a nativity scene using the art of recycling. Just take these rolls in fact, decorate them maybe adding fabrics, of the details specific by making sure to recreate all the characters. Alternatively it is possible take the roll, cut out the template of the ox, the donkey and all the characters leaving the whole scroll.

Just paint it in a color of your choice to complete it all. Certainly by doing so the crib will be beautiful and minimal, perfect to place under the Christmas tree especially if white.


DIY nativity scene with recycled material: images and photos

We have come to the conclusion of this article, we have shown you several splendid ideas to make gods fantastic DIY nativity scenes using recycled materials. We have described the materials you can use, the procedures to follow to create an ad hoc nativity scene. We have not only described the process of making, but we have created a gallery of images and photos with other wonderful ideas to be realized.


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