Do-it-yourself ideas with wooden pallets to decorate your garden

Decorating a garden or outdoor patio can be anything but easy, let alone inexpensive. The furniture or elements that we want to place in these areas of the house can get out of our budget very quickly. Luckily, we can always opt for DIY and make our own outdoor decorative elements.

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In this sense, we can find a great variety of materials that can help us to carry out all those ideas that we have in our headbut today we want to focus on the use of wooden pallets. This is a very fashionable material for several years and is very versatile for DIY lovers and DIY trend. Read on and discover some ideas you can do with pallets to decorate your outdoor space.

Balinese bed

There is nothing better to enjoy our garden in summer than having a comfortable place to rest. The Balinese beds offer all this. Beds that we could make ourselves with the wood from the pallets. To create a more comfortable environment, we can always place some curtains that provide some privacy or protect us from annoying insects while we rest.

Outdoor worktop

If you like to dine on the patio during the summer months, it is always good to have a worktop where you can leave all the things we need for that. Here it is important to make sure that the worktop is level so that things don’t fall to the floor.

Gardeners for plants

What would a garden or outdoor patio be without plants? In order to be beautiful, in addition to the necessary care, they need a place where they can grow.. In many cases, a gardener can be enough for that. If the ones they can sell you don’t meet your needs, you can always make your own with wooden pallets. However, make sure that there is not too much gap between boards so that the earth does not fall away.

Hammock for rest

If your garden has enough space for a hammock, the use of pallets can make the task much easier. In this case, you only need to take the pallet and place it on the floor, making it move from one side to the other. Put on some kind of mattress for the hammock to be more comfortable. Finally, all that’s left for you to do is relax on her. It’s sure to become a highly demanded area among family members.

Outdoor table

Another classic that cannot be missing in any outdoor area. We are not only referring to large tables, but also to smaller tables and that can be of great help to us to place our drinks when we are drinking the sun. Best of all, they don’t require much effort to manufacture.

Path to the garden

This idea is for those who have a large garden. You can use the boards of the wooden pallets to create a path where you can tread without fear of staining your feet of earth.

Outdoor Lamps

A garden without lighting is less of a garden, as we would not be able to enjoy it at night. For this, illumination is essential. If you don’t want to spend money on outdoor lamps, you can always create them yourself with wood to make them more special.

Zone separator

In case you want to delimit different zones in the garden, you can always install one. wooden fence for that. The tables that are part of the pallet will work very well for you to manufacture this element.

In addition to the ideas that we have seen throughout this publication, what others come to mind that should be part of the list? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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