DIY Decorative Stones with Magnets

DIY Decorative Stones with Magnets

coloured painted magnetic stones

I found this idea super original and fun to add a touch of color to the kitchen. These are painted stones to decorate the fridge, to use them as a paperweight or to hang pictures and drawings of our children. It is also a good gift to give and surprise a friend. They are too easy and very decorative, do not miss the step by step …

To make these decorative stones with magnets you need

  • Flat stones (sold in bags at art galleries or bazaars)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Brushes
  • Magnets
  • Universal adhesive

Step by step

  • First you must clean the stones to remove any dust residue.
  • Paint the stones white to unify the color.
  • Then you can paint with colors the didujos that you like, you can make geometric figures like the image or paint flowers, hearts, stars, etc.
  • Finally stick the magnet on the back and let it dry well.

magnetic stones

painted magnetic stones

Source: alisaburke

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