Christmas tree table with ribbons

Christmas tree table with ribbons

It’s very close to Christmas and I’m sure you’ll have your sapling ready to receive it. However, it is very nice to decorate other spaces of the house with ornaments, lights or small trees. In this case, this small ribbon tree is a quick, simple and very nice option…

You can highlight small spaces, place it on the candy table, or as a centerpiece. It is also an excellent DIY gift personalized and made by our hands. For that, you must have some elements to make it very easy to get…

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  • Thin cardboard
  • Green, red and silver fabric ribbons
  • Scissors and Cutter
  • Pencil.
  • Cutting base or thick cardboard to avoid damaging the table
  • Gum eva with shine red or the desired color
  • Hot or cold silicone gun


  • First you have to make a thin cardboard cone for the base of the tree, in this page you will be able to download the mold to do it. You’re gonna see two patterns, one pointed and one without. For this work we used the tipless pattern of 15 cm high x 9 cm lower diameter and 2 cm upper diameter. Print the mould, cut out and transfer to the cardboard.
  • Once the pattern is cut, shape it with your hands and proceed to glue the side with the silicone gun. Reservation.

  • Now we have to prepare the tapes. For this size of tree you need to cut the 7 cm long ribbons. Glue the ends together and wait for them to dry.

  • Start with the arming of the tree. Start by gluing the tapes from the base upwards. The first row of tapes should be glued to a couple of cm from the base taking special care that they cover the cardboard base well.
  • The next layer will be combined in red and green, note to cover the ends of the previous row.
  • Continue alternating the rows of tapes until it is completely covered, even slightly passing the top end of the cone.

  • Using a scissors, cut the excess ribbons so that they are neat.
  • Cut two rubber stars eva with glitter. Stick them to each other and to the little tree with a gun.
  • And… work finished!!!!!!

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