3 Christmas decorations with crepe paper

Make original Christmas decorations with crepe paper and have fun with your children to create garlands, Christmas balls and trees to decorate the house with. Here are 3 simple and quick tutorials, to spend moments together with creative DIY.


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Crepe paper is a very versatile material, perfect then to be used in the making of do it yourself jobs. Since Christmas is almost upon us, you might want to think about creating some Christmas decorations precisely with crepe paper and thus decorate the house, with creations made entirely by hand by you.

Those that we will show you below will be anyway chores Christmas easy to do with your children, that could help you and feel involved in decorations that they will later see in the house.

They will be 3, i tutorial in which we will explain how to make a garland, original Christmas balls and trees, all to be created with crepe paper and more you need, which you will discover gradually.

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1. Small trees with which to decorate the house

Our first tutorial is for making Christmas trees in format mini, with which you can decorate the table in the dining room or the mantel. It’s simple to make, but it will take patience to get the job done right. To make your own Christmas tree you will need it:

  • a polystyrene cone
  • green crepe paper (or the color you prefer)
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • scissors or utility knife
  • little ones seamstress pins.


  1. Get the card green crepe and cut of the strips 1 cm wide and all of equal measure. Now cut each strip giving it the length of 6 or 7 cm helping you with a ruler, to give all the strips the same size and make them the same.
  2. Take every single strip you just cut and do the same process with all of them. Twist the strip, up to arrive in the middle of its length. Fold it in on itself and flatten with your fingers the end, making sure to just raise the tip.
  3. Now you can take care of the composition of your tree, starting from the base and then continuing upwards. Take the Styrofoam cone is put a tip of glue stick; glue the pieces of paper green and then insert the pin on top, so you can make sure it won’t move one iota.
  4. Proceed in this way until the entire cone is covered of polystyrene. If reaching the top it seems that the green petals are too big, you can always cut them to make the tree more homogeneous.

The work is complete at this point, but if you want to give it more personality you can to add of the colored balls always made with crepe paper, or you can decorate it with led lights, of those used to decorate a common Christmas tree.

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2. Christmas tree decorations

Each Christmas tree is entitled to its own decorations, but this year it can have several, with those lovingly created by you and your children. Those who we offer you they are balls a little different than usual, with a more playful and fun aspect, because they will look like gods small colored piñata, of those found in almost all children’s parties. To make it happen you will need it:

  • a polystyrene ball (or another particular shape e.g. star or heart)
  • glue stick
  • colored sheets of crepe paper (we chose the colors of the rainbow)
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • a tailor’s pin.


The making of this type of Christmas ball is very simple.

  1. Cut the crepe paper a couple of cm wide, depending on the size of the ball.
  2. Spread the glue on the lower part of the ball and join well the paper strip colored. Do the same process as you go up on top, until the polystyrene base is completely covered, but remembering to alternate the colors, in case you do not want a decoration of only one color.
  3. On the top place in the center the pin, but without it going totally inside of polystyrene. In fact, the space you have left will be useful for later wrap the ribbon around it which will serve to hang it.
  4. At this point the work is almost done. Only the last step is missing, that is make small cuts with scissors to crepe paper to make a fringe to the base you glued before. Do the same with each crepe paper plane on the ball and you will see that your kids will love the result so much.


3. The garland for the children’s room

It’s only fair that your kids have one too Garland on their door. So, you could make one together using the crepe paper. To create the wreath they will need:

  • green crepe paper
  • vinyl glue
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • red ribbon (or the color you prefer)
  • pompoms (optional).


  1. Get the cardboard, draw a circle and cut it out. Inside draw a smaller circle and cut out again, to make it become a kind of donut.
  2. Cut out there crepe paper many squares and crumpled a little’.
  3. Now on the cardstock spread the glue little by little e at each step make the paper adhere well. Keep it up, until the card will not be filled with sheets e there will be no more white space. Let the glue dry well.
  4. can to decorate still the wreath, gluing the pompoms and a bow, that you will have created with the ribbon you have chosen earlier. The wreath is now ready to decorate your children’s bedroom!


Christmas decorations with crepe paper: images and photos

To create special Christmas decorations you just need a little crepe paper, scissors, glue and a great desire to create. You will see that your children will have a lot of fun with our DIY tutorials!


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