25 home decorations with rope or rope

At the moment the rustic style decorations can’t be missing in your home. The jute strings or cotton or ropesare very noble, highly decorative and provide a great feeling of warmth. In this post I want to share many ideas that you can do at home very easily. With little work and some ingenuity, you’ll have the opportunity to recycle and renovate many of the tarnished items you have at home. For example, old-fashioned lamps, baskets for clothes, flowerpots for plants or cacti, vases… in short, you’ll be able to change the face of anything that comes to mind!

As you’ll see below in the images, the materials you need to renovate your home are very few, simply rope or jute or cotton rope, depending on what suits your home décor, and a hot silicone or cold silicone gun. You can also use some transparent contact glue, but you will have to be more careful because of the strong smell they give off.

Then tell me which of all these great ideas you liked the most!

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