The appliances that break down the most in summer

Heat is one of the reasons for the increase in energy consumption in Spanish homes in summer, and there is no need for Red Eléctrica de España (REE) to tell us. The use of air conditioners often triggers our electricity bills. In fact this year they are surpassing figures for electricity generation and consumption higher than 2010.

Excessive consumption, a risk for your appliances

These high temperatures that are registered during the summer will increase our invoice of the light, but in addition it will also do that we use more the air conditioning, the ventilators, refrigerator,… without a doubt they make us the life easier and comfortable in the days of more heats.

Of all the household devices we use every day, four stand out in summer: refrigerator, washing machine, boiler and air conditioning. The latter is, perhaps, the one that receives the most attention during the hottest months, because it is really the one that acquires the most prominence in the summer.

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However, we must not forget that the refrigerator, washing machine and boiler are especially important at this time of year and we must pay attention to avoid disappointments both in the bill and in the life of the appliances.

In these cases it is essential to know what power is contracted with the electricity company, since with a power of 3300 kW (the Spanish average) there can be overloads that affect household appliances. In hours of maximum need, when it is usual to have several devices on at once, power outages are more frequent and these can have fatal consequences for the devices.

In this case, we can resort to a home insurance with various coverages that guarantee the repair of electrical appliances in the home.

In order to do this, it is very important to have a clear idea of the type of insurance contracted and what is included in the policy itself. As a general rule, these electrical damages are usually included, which means a coverage in the material damages of electrical installations and devices. These mishaps in household appliances can be a direct consequence of abnormal current, a short circuit, mains overvoltage or other similar electrical phenomena.

Thus, the insurance companies that include this coverage will take care of everything that is connected to the electrical network, such as the refrigerator, the washing machine, the oven, the vitroceramic, etc.. On the other hand, they are unlikely to take over air conditioners, boilers or other supply appliances.

Therefore, in order to avoid limit situations in devices that the home insurance probably does not cover, we must take into account some keys not to reach this juncture.

Air conditioning: cleanliness is the most important thing

To turn on the air conditioning is one of the pleasures of the summer, especially when some wave of heat is installed in our country. Therefore, if we want to enjoy it, we must take into account certain care that will lengthen its useful life and also avoid breakdowns or unwanted replacements.

The key to this not happening is cleanliness. Carrying out a thorough refurbishment of the filters and internal compartments of the device has a double advantage: it will work better and save energy. In fact, a dirty air conditioner can increase your electricity bill by up to 10%.

Therefore, taking the time to remove all the dirt from the filters is a very good idea if we want to avoid that unnecessary expense. In addition, another aspect to consider, and no less important, is health care. A clean appliance is synonymous with breathing good quality air, free of dust mites and other harmful elements. For this, it is essential to clean the dirt that could accumulate in the internal split, so that the cold exchanger is not affected.

Similarly, another key element to check in air conditioning appliances is gas. An optimum level of this is crucial to reach an optimum temperature and not to overload the device itself. In this case, it is best to use a technician.

Refrigerator: constant openings affect its operation

The most everyday gesture that can be made in a kitchen is none other than opening the refrigerator. Looking for a simple bottle of water becomes one of the most recurrent activities throughout the summer and, in addition, it is an action that is repeated several times a day by all members of the household.

This reiteration is one of the main problems for the conservation of the cold inside the appliance. The thermostat -which will also be exposed to the lowest degree of its capacity- suffers in this summer period a high work load, because the repeated openings provoke changes in the interior temperature that must be regulated to preserve the food correctly.

In addition, as mentioned above, a power failure can have consequences on the appliance. If this is not connected to the current it can lose the refrigerant gas and, due to it, we suffer a loss of the refrigerated goods in its interior. In this case, not all insurance companies are responsible for this loss, as in previous cases, so it is important to review the policy taken out and check the coverage of your home insurance.

Boilers also suffer in summer

It is well known that showering in summer is one of the most effective remedies against summer heat. Some people prefer cold water, although it can cause even more heat, because the body itself detects that the body temperature is below normal and tries to correct it.

For this reason, showering with hot water, no matter how warm, is more recommendable than doing it with cold water, so that when leaving the shower the body perceives a sensation of relief and freshness when entering a less warm environment.

Therefore, it is common to overload the boiler in the home and this can trigger a breakdown just when it is most needed. Since a homeowner’s insurance probably does not cover this inconvenience, periodic checking of this appliance is very necessary.

More washes, exposed washer

Another vital appliance that suffers from high temperatures is the washing machine. The summer makes us put more dirty clothes in the washing machine and, with it, we put more washes throughout the week. These overloads can cause a mishap in the normal operation of the device and this is a really annoying unforeseen. Nothing worse than running out of a washing machine when it’s needed most.

So how do you cover your back? Comparing Home Insurance Before You Hire

As we have said, the failure of one of these devices is one of the biggest setbacks that can occur during the year and especially during the summer. It’s important, therefore, to take a look at the coverages of your homeowners policy to anticipate a problem of this magnitude.

Before hiring you should compare the home insurance available in the market to choose the one that best protects your home. A comprehensive policy should cover not only the mainland but also the contents of the house and should also include coverage for repairs to breakdowns of appliances or other possessions important to each insured.

There are substantial differences between insurers, both in price and coverage, but also in the capital insured in the same coverage in different companies, so the safest and most effective way of safeguarding essential objects in our daily lives, such as household appliances, is to make an exhaustive comparison.

A note courtesy of Acierto. Pictures of Mak and in Unsplash.

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