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The 20 Best Brands of Above Ground Pools

A small luxury for everyone is that given by the above ground pools which, thanks to their structure and simplicity of installation, allow you to transform gardens or terraces while enjoying the hot summer days to the fullest.

When we talk about this type of structures we discover a variegated universe made up of multiple models, made with as many materials and particularities, which is why we have chosen to create a practical list of 20 best brands of above ground pools which is in effect a selection of major manufacturers nationally and internationally to whom you can contact for projects and estimates.

In our selection of the best brands of above ground pools you will find companies specialized in the production of different types of structures which, in addition to showing a different attention to aesthetics and design, prefer the use of different structural materials.

The above ground pools in PVC with soft structure they are among the cheapest and, equipped with a rigid supporting skeleton, guarantee a good duration and can be installed quickly and easily.

Versatile and resistant, sheet metal poolssteel they are self-supporting and simple to install and disassemble if necessary. They have a greater aesthetic refinement and, thanks to the special carpet on the bottom, they can also be installed on ground that is not perfectly leveled.

Among the most evocative above ground pools there are obviously those in wood able to create an elegant and refined corner within any garden. The internal structure involves the use of steel and PVC.

Finally, in several cases, you can choose a particular finish for the external structure of your pool that will transform it into a real design gem. Specifically, you can choose between stone effect, brick effect, concrete effect and of course wood effect panels.

Regulations for the construction of above ground pools

Easy to install and therefore perfect if you want to avoid major construction works, above ground pools allow in some cases to avoid bureaucratic obstacles: being removable structures they do not require the various authorizations and building permits necessary for the construction of fixed works. However, their location and the relative anchoring characteristics to the ground must be taken into account. In fact, the legislation relating to the construction of above ground pools is not unambiguous and may also vary depending on the municipality of belonging, therefore our advice is to contact the competent technical offices to dispel any doubts and thus avoid running into unpleasant inconveniences.

The best builders of above ground pools

After this brief introduction, here is the list of the best Italian and international pool builders to whom you can contact for the realization of the project of your dreams:

Castiglione above ground pools

Castiglione above ground pool model

Founded in 1961, Piscine Castiglione has managed to export made in Italy products to over 70 countries. The continuous search for new technologies and design makes it one of the leading companies in the sector offering assistance and preliminary consultancy to create swimming pools for everyone capable of fulfilling any customer’s desire.

Above ground pools Il Ceppo

Above ground pool model by Il Ceppo

A company specialized in woodworking, Il Ceppo offers a suggestive selection of models of above ground pools with octagonal, elongated octagonal and rectangular wooden structures in different sizes. High quality workmanship and latest generation technology come together to offer products of undoubted quality and charm.

Moose above ground pools

Moose above ground pool model

We remain on the subject of woodworking to point out the above ground pools by Alce that offer fascinating projects to enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces inspired by a made in Italy design.

Solaris above ground pools

Solaris above ground pool model

Solaris above ground pools are made with a self-supporting structure in natural wood and designed to withstand the sun and bad weather. They are equipped with an oversized filtration system to ensure perfect water quality.

Above ground pools Gre

Gre's above ground pool model

A Spanish company specializing in the production of swimming pools, Gre offers a wide range of models of above ground swimming pools made of wood or steel that can be covered with decorative panels (for example with stone effect, concrete, etc …) with multiple shapes and sizes.

Above ground pools Pond

Laghetto above ground pool model

A true triumph of class and elegance, the Laghetto above ground pools are perfect for decorating gardens or terraces, putting design first. Elegant and innovative, the models proposed by the company are also guaranteed in terms of technology and materials used.

Above ground pools Foni Piscine

Above ground pool model by Foni

Twenty years of experience at the service of its customers, the models of above ground pools proposed by Foni are made to measure and customized according to individual requests. Different finishes that complete the wooden or steel structures.

Egoe above ground pools

Egoe's above ground pool model

Egoe signs a collection of self-supporting swimming pools created in the name of luxury. Fully customizable (sizes, options, finishes and materials) they are made entirely of stainless steel so as to avoid the construction of supporting walls for a priceless aesthetic impact.

Intex Italia above ground pools

Above ground pool model by Intex Italia

In our selection of the best brands of above ground pools, we could not fail to include Intex, a company founded in 1980 that offers customers a vast range of models and structures capable of putting the pool accessory within everyone’s reach.

Zodiac above ground pools

Above ground pool model by Zodiac

Years of experience in the sector make Zodiac a guarantee in choosing the pool of one’s dreams that will be realized through the use of the most innovative technologies and a design that is always at the forefront.

Technypools above ground pools

Technypools above ground pool model

Those proposed by Technypools are high-end above ground pools made with particular attention to ecology and the recyclable aspect of the products. Founded in the 1950s, the company offers a wide range of models with customizable sizes and finishes.

Steel And Style above ground pools

Above ground pool model by Steel and Style

If you love the timeless and very elegant charm of steel, this is definitely the company for you: Steel And Style creates luxury swimming pools strictly in stainless steel, impeccably combining design, elegance and new technologies.

Bestway above ground pools

Bestway's above ground pool model

The pool wherever you want it: Bestway products are easy to assemble and designed to last over time, probably the company with the largest number of above ground pool models in production.

Cemi above ground pools

Cemi swimming pool

One of the most successful national and international companies, Cemi has been making swimming pools for over forty years, giving shape to customized projects that obviously also include suggestive above-ground models. Modern technologies and experience make it one of the best companies dedicated to the construction of above ground pools.

Multiforma above ground pools

Multiforma above ground pool model

Founded in Spain and operating in over 20 countries around the world, Multiforma is one of the leading pool manufacturers of the moment and, as you can imagine, offers high-quality products designed to last over time.

Above ground pools Poolmaster

Poolmaster above ground pool model

Made of wood, sheet metal or PVC, the Poolmaster pools are synonymous with made in Italy quality by a company that, since 1950, has been specializing in the processing of plastic materials through high-frequency welding processes.

Above ground pools AE Piscine

Above ground pool model by AE Piscine

Available for free inspections, AE Piscine takes care of the complete conception, design and construction of the pool of your dreams.

Above ground pools CWT Piscine

Above ground pool model by CWT Piscine

Available in wood or PVC, the above ground pools by CWT are the ideal solution for those who want to contain costs and not sustain demanding building works by being able to choose between different sizes and shapes.

Garden House Lazzerini above ground pools

Above ground pool model by Lazzerini

High quality craftsmanship productions since 1968, the Garden House Lazzerini manages to give shape to any type of desire by combining design, aesthetics and functionality even in terms of swimming pools.

Above ground pools Baires

Baires above ground pool model

We close our list dedicated to the best brands of above ground pools with Baires, a company specialized in the realization of luxury projects both indoors and outdoors.


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