Interior design for pets. Because they’re part of the family, too.

If there is one thing that characterizes our home, it is that it speaks of ourselves while achieving that each and every one of us who live in it feel to cross its door in the best and most pleasant of places. It’s definitely our favorite place. Ours and that of every being who lives with us. So in order to make our peludines feel just as comfortable and special in that which is also their home, comes today’s post. And it’s just that we’re talking about interior design for pets. And we do it through ideas based on small modifications or incorporations that will make a difference at home, especially for our pets.Don’t lose detail because I bet they’ll thank you! 😉

interior design for pets
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A corner just for them

Yours as well as most, loves to be in the same place where we are. But if something can make us all feel good, it is that our pet has a unique and exclusive place for him. A space dedicated to calm and relaxation in which you feel at ease and relaxed while enjoying the same stay in which we all are.. Let’s just say that place could be what we usually call your bed. But if we talk about interior design for pets, it will be to take this space a little further, don’t you think?

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interior design for pets X
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Our home is yours

There are slight differences between our hobbies and forms of fun and theirs. So if we don’t want them to get anxious just thinking about leaving home to put them into practice, it would be better to give them a place to do it from the inside out.. See how it has been set in motion in the room of the house I show you below. This trunk could not be more integrated into the interior design! Don’t you think it’s ideal to have accommodated it?

pet interior design VIII
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Your day to day also more comfortable for you

Well, yes, because there are activities that yes or if we must perform with them. And if you are one of those who likes to take care of their needs at home and by yourself, dedicate them a space for it if the meters allow itcan be a great and comfortable choice.

interior design for pets II
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Relaxation corners

To create new spaces from nothing, will be the sea of easy especially if we talk about cats. And it’s just that to make it moderately easy for them, they will be able to feel the kings of the house in places completely unsuspected and inexplorable for us.. Hanging from a macramé hook that you screw directly to the ceiling, on wall shelves with enough depth to allow them to settle in, and even through a simple chair cushion that you attach to the four legs of a side table!

interior design for pets III
Source Marta Stewart

Your things are also kept

Although they don’t need closets, there are certain things we need to always have handy for them. His thoughts are the most important of all. So assigning them a storage area in a room of common use and enjoyment through which all members of the house passwill be a comfortable and good bet to face the day to day from the most frenetic to the most calm and home.

Pet Interior Design IV
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Pet Interior Design: Details That Make a Difference

Although you don’t intend to put pet interior design into practice, I bet every move in home decor brings with it the following thought: “The peludín is going to love it” or “it’s going to break right after seeing it” or maybe “how little this is going to last us”. So do yourself a favor. Think about making room for something you know is going to get his attention, otherwise he’ll do it himself by looking at something else!

interior design for pets IX
Source Wood working projects

A space just for them

A stairwell, a low space with no apparent use, the lower area of a large built-in shelf, and Any place you don’t use and think it might may be a firm candidate to become your new favorite space at home.

interior design for pets V
Source Home Design

Make them happy and give a different touch to your house

Little explanation is needed for the idea I show you below. Your cats will love it and you’ll show off your personalised indoor garden, so everybody’s happy!

interior design for pets VII
Source It’s timel and mag

As you can see, interior design for pets is possible and almost necessary if you are lucky enough to have one at home. Remember them to shape your house and they will thank you! After all, they are one more in the family 🙂

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