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Indoor Hammocks: How To Use Them To Decorate With Style

Usually used in outdoor spaces, therefore in the garden or large terraces, hammocks can be transformed into a perfect piece of furniture to be inserted in particular rooms of your home.

There is indeed a wide range of indoor hammocks which, placed in the right place, give an original and decidedly unique touch, for example to verandas, sitting rooms, closed porches and even to the bedroom, patronal or children’s bedroom.

Do you want to understand better what we are talking about? So let’s find out how to use the indoor hammocks to furnish with style and customize the environments.


Furnishing ideas with indoor hammocks

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The first choice for positioning your indoor hammock is linked to the view factor and, if you have windows, or better still, large windows, the suggestion is to fix the structure right in front of them in order to relax at the best while enjoying the external panorama.

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If you want to furnish with style a small veranda, or a corner of the house, transforming it into an area used for relaxation, the hammock is configured as a complement capable of giving a chic touch to the environment and creating an atmosphere that recalls hot days summer and tropical beaches, perhaps accompanying it with luxuriant plants.

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On the market you will find many types of indoor hammocks and, depending on the style of your furniture, you can opt for bright or minimalist colors, hammocks with essential lines or with fringes and decorations perfect for country, shabby chic or classic environments.

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In addition to living rooms, closed porches or verandas, indoor hammocks can also be installed in the bedroom as a pure and simple piece of furniture, what you will get will be a decidedly original and classy touch.

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If you want to customize your hammock, a really nice and simple idea to realize is the one that involves adding pillows and sheets that act as a connecting element with the furniture of the room, you can choose neutral tones or particular color contrasts.

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Indoor hammocks are capable of creating magical atmospheres and, if you want to close your eyes and relax at your best even on cold winter days, our advice is to place the structure in an area full of light and preferably reached by warm sunlight.

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Finally, if you intend to dare, you can always choose to insert a hammock instead of the sofa, perhaps opting for self-supporting versions that combine with the rest of the environment.

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Ikea indoor hammocks

After providing you with various furnishing ideas, we now want to show you the hammock models that you will find at Ikea, these are versatile elements that you can use both in outdoor and indoor spaces in absolute freedom and at affordable prices.

Ikea indoor hammock model n.01

Ikea indoor hammock model n.02

Ikea indoor hammock model n.03

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Indoor design hammocks

Staying on the subject of fantastic indoor hammocks, here are some design models that will prove to be perfect for embellishing the interiors of your home with an original touch. You can opt for solutions to be fixed directly to the walls using special hooks or use special supports although they are decidedly bulky and not the best in terms of aesthetics.

Interior design hammock model n.01The Melon model hammock by Studio StirlingIndoor design hammock model n.02Luna model hammock by MissoniHomeIndoor design hammock model n.03Farniente model hammock by Paola LentiInterior design hammock model n.04Hammock model The Flora by La SiestaIndoor design hammock model n.05Bossanova hammock by La SiestaIndoor design hammock model n.06Happy Zen model hammock by Maisons Du MondeIndoor design hammock model n.07Namiko model hammock by Maisons Du MondeIndoor design hammock model n.08Hammock model Tanger by Maisons Du Monde


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