How to decorate facades and balconies with LED lighting

When decorating a flat or a house, it is common to overlook the terraces or balconies, as well as the lighting of the facades, which are key elements at certain times of the year for make better use of the exterior areas of the houseOr in the case of Christmas, to enjoy a more striking decoration. When it comes to decorating these areas, lighting is essential. Using decorative lights can help us to give that special touch that we are looking for. For this purpose, LED lights have become the best option nowadays due to their many advantages. For this reason, today we want to give you some ideas to decorate your balcony or facade with this type of lighting.

Why use LED lighting?

For some time now, LED lights have become the preferred choice of users when it comes to lighting the outside of their homes. There are several reasons that have led to this, being the saving in energy consumption one of the main reasons. In addition to the savings, this lighting is very safe, as it has waterproof electrical cables and is very easy to handle. All this makes them ideal for any type of decoration.

Ideas for lighting the facade or balcony of your home

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In case you are thinking of lighting the balcony of your home or part of your facade, here are some ideas that may come in handy.

LED lights hanging on the walls

The first option we can choose when it comes to lighting these areas of the house is to hang the lights, either on the ceiling or on the walls. In these cases, the most important thing is to choose a colour that is soft and comfortable for the eye.

If we focus on the Christmas season, we can look for a theme related to this holiday to hang, for example Christmas tree lights or a Santa Claus.

Exterior lighting with LED garlands

If there was one element that has been triumphing for outdoor lighting, it would undoubtedly be LED garlands. They are low-cost items and we can find options for all tastes, from simple led strips, to other garlands that come with decorative elements.

Decorate the balcony railing or windows

The hanging lighting is ideal for dressing up outdoor spaces any time of year, but if there’s a special date for it, it’s Christmas. Few pictures are more Christmassy than looking at a balcony or a window with the typical icicles hanging from it. Achieving this effect with LED lighting is very simple. We only need to determine the size of the LED strip we need and the type of light to achieve this effect, a light that should be cold.

Lighting the balcony plants

Many families take advantage of the balcony to flood it with their favorite plants, and even have climbing plants on the facade. In case you are also a nature lover, why not take advantage of the LED light to illuminate them? In these cases, you can choose simple garlands or different colours.

Finally, we can combine several types of LED lighting to make the most of our balcony. In this way we can use it to organize a small romantic dinner, have a drink with our partner or disconnect reading a book.

I’m sure you can come up with many other ideas for decorating these areas of the house with LED lighting, if so, we encourage you to share them with all of us. We’re waiting for you!

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