Decorate your home with different types of lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in interior decoration. It enhances colors, materials, furniture shapes and also influences our mood. If you want to give your home a special charm and warmth you must choose the right lights. Below we show you how to decorate with different types of lighting.

Natural lighting: the basis

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The best lighting is natural that you must take advantage of to the maximum during the day, since it gives amplitude and luminosity to your house. You can blending with curtains or blinds but let it reach every corner. Artificial light is needed during the night and to support natural light.

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The different types of artificial light offer you the possibility of adapting to your needs. Bet on the energy-saving lighting or LEDThey last longer and help to protect the environment.

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Lighting ideas: choose the light according to the activity

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Lighting your home consists of create warm and functional environments to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Don’t forget that your house is made up of different atmospheres that require a specific type of light.

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When you are going to illuminate a room, make a simple plan with the placement of the furniture and the location of the windows. If it is a living room or living area, you must divide the stay by zones or environments: dining room, space to watch television, reading corner. You must think that environments you want to get to use a certain lighting.

Existing light sources

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Before deciding what type of lighting you want for each area of the house you should know the light sources.

  • Directional. This type of luminaire emits a concentrated beam of light over a zone or surface. They usually have reflective and opaque screens to concentrate the light.
  • Diffuse. On the contrary this type of lamp spreads the light evenly for the entire stay. Luminaires with translucent screens, glass, fabric or paper are used. It must be combined with directional lights.

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When combining them you must take into account some factors:
What type of luminaires are you going to choose?: There are all types of models on the market (ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, recessed) with one bulb or with several.

  • The size of the stay is important when choosing lamps.
  • Type of bulbs. You can find endless bulbs of different shades, heat emitting and consumption. The choice of the type of bulb will generate a certain atmosphere.
  • Warm or cold light. The first creates cozy atmospheres and the second is suitable for tasks that require bright light (kitchen and bathrooms).

General lighting

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This type of lighting is used for generate a homogeneous light throughout the space. Its objective is that there are no shadows and distributed evenly. Ceiling lamps, ceiling lights, spotlights are commonly used…

In the kitchen it is essential to have a uniform light and the spotlights or downlight are a good resource. When choosing it, bear in mind that they have a at least 60 degrees focal aperture for greater expansion of light. It is recommended to place one every meter.

Punctual illumination

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Concentrates lighting in a specific area of the stay. It is used for different activities. A ceiling lamp for the dining room, a flexo light for the study table. In the kitchen: spotlights under the kitchen wall units for a better view of the working area…

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There is a general rule which states that in order for a room to be properly illuminated must have at least 5 points of light. If it is not possible at least 2: general and functional or punctual.

Ambient lighting

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The ambient light is soft, warmgenerates pleasant and intimate atmospheres. Various shapes can be obtained with various points of light: table lamps or standing lamps, a perimeter light throughout the room. Its function is decorative and it is perfect for generating diverse environments. Another advantage is the separation or marking of different zones or atmospheres.

Trends in lighting 2019

Nowadays, lighting is one of the main elements when it comes to decorating a space, both interior and exterior. The trends are as follows:

  • The vintage lighting is one of the favorite styles this year 2019. The pendant luminaires (large spotlights) are perfect for combining with different decorative styles. Black is the main protagonist.

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  • There is still a trend towards metallic tonesgold, silver, copper, rose gold. They bring an elegant and sophisticated touch.
  • Minimalism is still a timeless style. The luminaires that stand out are characterised by a simple and functional design.
  • Steel and glass are not left behind, they reinvent themselves with new designs.
  • The trend is natural materials, like wood combined with pastel tones.

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  • The geometric luminaires are one of the trends in lighting that is imposing more force.
  • To protect the environment and lead a more sustainable lifestyle are trend organic forms inspired by nature.
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Did you find these ideas interesting for using different types of lighting to decorate your home?

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