Caminetti a bioetanolo da tavolo

Bioethanol Table Fireplaces of the Best Brands

Of the design objects that furnish with class and at the same time versatile heating systems to be placed where needed, we are talking about table bioethanol fireplaces to go and show you a suggestive collection of models of the best brands.

Table bioethanol fireplaces, as well as wall bioethanol ones or design fireplaces, are presented as small variations of classic fireplaces, thanks to the use of bioethanol as fuel, they they do not produce fumes and pollutants, this allows them to be used wherever you want and to take full advantage of the advantages of free installation.

Despite being small fireplaces, they are capable of release heat quickly keeping intact all the charm of the flame and the suggestion of the fire.


Acquafuoco bioethanol fireplaces

With a refined and elegant aesthetic, the Acquafuoco bio-fireplaces impress with their versatility and functionality. In the countertop version, they are offered in different shapes and sizes, all perfectly adaptable to indoor environments and easily placed on tables or consoles. Powered by bioethanol, these small fireplaces do not produce fumes and fumes and do not need maintenance.

Table bioethanol fireplace by Acquafuoco n.01Gasper modelTable bioethanol fireplace by Acquafuoco n.02Cabare modelAcquafuoco table bioethanol fireplace n.03Homu modelAcquafuoco table bioethanol fireplace n.04Nest modelAcquafuoco table bioethanol fireplace n.05Track modelAcquafuoco table bioethanol fireplace n.06Wave model

Bioethanol fireplaces by Antonio Lupi

If you want to create magical atmospheres in suggestive combinations of fire and design, the bioethanol fireplaces signed by Antonio Lupi will surely be for you. Here are two models in the table version which, as you can admire from the images proposed, are also suitable for embellishing the bathroom environment.

Table bioethanol fireplace by Antonio Lupi n.01Babel modelTable bioethanol fireplace by Antonio Lupi n.02Dragon model

Planika bioethanol fireplaces

A young Polish company that has been able to conquer the international market thanks to the perfect fusion of technology and design. Planika bio fireplaces are safe and open up to design possibilities, the table versions are naturally free-standing and can be easily moved from one room to another.

Planika table bioethanol fireplace n.01Chantico Glassfire modelPlanika table bioethanol fireplace n.02Simple Commerce modelPlanika table bioethanol fireplace n.03Dancing FlamesPlanika table bioethanol fireplace n.04Fire Table RoundPlanika table bioethanol fireplace n.05Fire coffee tablePlanika table bioethanol fireplace n.06Fire table mini model

Pur Line bioethanol fireplaces

We are now moving to Spain to show you the suggestive collection of bioethanol table fireplaces by Pur Line. Here the simple and refined lines are combined with an ecological technology that allows you to enjoy the charm of fire even in the bedroom, guaranteeing warmth and charm.

Pure Line table bioethanol fireplace n.01Amalthea modelPure Line table-top bioethanol fireplace n.02Selene modelPure Line table bioethanol fireplace n.03Aura modelPure Line table bioethanol fireplace n.04Helios modelPure Line table bioethanol fireplace n.05Astrea modelPure Line table bioethanol fireplace n.06Karya modelPure Line table-top bioethanol fireplace n.07Ptelea modelPure Line table-top bioethanol fireplace n.08Arctos model

Vogg bioethanol fireplaces

Precious materials, refined shapes and a design that leaves nothing to chance… Vogg fireplaces are ideal for those looking for luxury ecological solutions for indoor environments. You can choose between table fireplaces made of marble or steel fueled with non-polluting biofuel.

Vogg table bioethanol fireplace n.01Torche modelVogg table bioethanol fireplace n.02Haff modelVogg table bioethanol fireplace n.03Torche Marmo model


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