a cut-out puzzle carpet to decorate any floor

Carpets are a decorative element that offers great advantages: provide comfort, warmth and protection. Today we show you a very special model with which you can also make a DIY project really great: creating a cut-out carpet puzzle-shape to decorate your floors.

cut rugBesides being able to change the decoration of a room completely, carpets have a lot of qualities. They protect the soil from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, provide an unrivalled sense of comfort and convey a warmth that we love, especially in the winter. In addition, with the new carpet models that exist today, you can carry out projects as fun as the one we present today: a cut-out carpet in the shape of a puzzle.

cut rugThe carpets of the present combine the great advantages of the carpets of the past and avoid one of their great disadvantages: namely the difficulty of keep them clean. Keep reading; we tell you everything.

A trimmed carpet for today’s houses

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cut rugIn addition to all the advantages I have already told you about, there is one that I think is very important: carpets are great for improve the insulation of a space. Not only do they achieve greater thermal insulation, but also acoustic insulation, absorbing the sound of footsteps and other noises.

And if we are all clear about the great advantages of carpets (which they are), why do we still seem to be reluctant to use them on our floors? This is, above all, for a fundamental reason: because the difficulty of keeping them clean, free of dust and dirt.

Actually this problem is not so much, because by vacuuming them regularly and doing it correctly, the carpets are kept clean. However, it is true that this can be an added burden.

Choosing the colors for your carpet

cut rugIf you have finally decided to renew your floors with one or more carpets, you are sure to be confronted with a very frequent question: what colour do I choose? You may like light-colored designs, such as beni ourainThe color of the water is a natural cream color. I love them, and if I don’t have any in my house, it’s precisely because I know it would get dirty too soon.

Today, however, we are finding solutions to this problem: the washable carpets at home. Like the model Viennaby Leroy Merlin. This is a carpet that you can put in the washing machine without any problem, since they do not shrink and are perfect.

This is a carpet made of 100% polyester, which is very clean and hygienic, perfect for homes where people with allergies live. In addition, you can choose without remorse their versions in pastel or very light tones, because washing them at home is very easy. They’ll be a perfect choice until for the nursery: comfortable, beautiful and very easy to maintain.

DIY ideas to cut them to your liking

One of the advantages offered by the carpet Vienna is that we can cut it any way we want. Today we’re going to show you through a DIY project that you’re going to love. It’s all about customizing a cut-out rug in the shape of a puzzle.

The first thing you’ll have to decide is whether you want your carpet cut monochromatic or combining different colors. Although you get a very different effect depending on whether you choose one option or the other, the truth is that both are very decorative. For the children’s rooms in the house, this idea looks great in various colors that harmonize with each other and with the rest of the furniture.

Once you’re clear how you’re going to put together your carpet puzzle you can get to work now. You will need one or more pieces of model carpet Vienna. You will also need a piece of cardboard, a ruler, large scissors that cut well and chalk to trace the design on the carpet.

Measure and mark

The first step in making your carpet cut out like a puzzle is measure the square parts that are going to make up the final carpet. It’s important that they’re all the same size. Mark them with the chalk.

A perfect puzzle

Then draw a circle on the cardboard with the help of a large compass or a circular object of the appropriate size. Cut it out with the scissors. This will be the round piece that we will use to design the puzzle pieces.

Trimming and composing

All you have to do now is cut out the pieces following the lines. The material the carpet is made of can easily be cut with normal scissors.

Once all the pieces have been cut out, you just have to recompose the carpet by joining them together as if it were really a puzzle. How simple is that?

A decorative and very special project that requires hardly any effort or a large investment.

Combine the colors to your liking. You have a lot of different possibilities.

Idea and photos: Leroy Merlin.

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