50 Fantastic Outdoor Whirlpool Baths

Surely everyone will have wanted at least once to have an outdoor hot tub at their disposal to relax at their best during a holiday or after a hard day’s work … if you are thinking of having one of these spectacular structures, through this post you can get a better idea of ​​the various options available.

Of course we have selected some of the most beautiful and particular outdoor whirlpools that can be found on the market and we will therefore show you fantastic free-standing structures or underground structures in equally enchanting environments.

Outdoor hot tubs can be placed in various contexts and, if you do not have a garden at your disposal, you can opt for installation on a terrace, obviously paying attention to the structural factor.

Beautiful and unique to say the least to enjoy a few hours of pure relaxation, the hot tubs made for outdoor environments can be customized according to individual needs or preferences: you can choose between structures covered in specially treated wood, opt instead for tiles mosaic or stone, without forgetting the timeless resins and methacrylate.

The most modern bathtubs hydromassage are designed to make available to the customer all the functions offered by a spa and, in fact, in addition to the particular jets, it is possible to use the chromotherapy, thanks to the variation of the submerged lights, combine it with thearomatherapy and much more, all experiencing the priceless contact with nature and the external environment.

The ones you can see below are 50 models of outdoor whirlpools, in some cases mini pools including various productions of the renowned Jacuzzi, a real guarantee in terms of comfort, elegance and functionality.


Outdoor Jacuzzi whirlpools

Jacuzzi whirlpool tub model # 1

Jacuzzi whirlpool tub model # 2

Jacuzzi whirlpool tub model # 3

Jacuzzi whirlpool tub model # 4

Jacuzzi whirlpool tub model # 5

Jacuzzi whirlpool tub model # 6

Jacuzzi whirlpool tub model # 7

Outdoor whirlpool mini-pools

Glass 1989 hot tub model n.1

Glass 1989 hot tub model n.2

Glass 1989 whirlpool mini-pool model n.3

Glass 1989 hot tub model n.4

Villeroy & Boch hot tub model n.1

Villeroy & Boch hydromassage mini-pool model n.2

Zucchetti Kos whirlpool mini-pool model n.1

Zucchetti Kos whirlpool mini-pool model n.2

Zucchetti Kos whirlpool mini-pool model n.3

Outdoor whirlpools

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.01

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.02

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.03

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.04

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.05

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.06

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.07

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.08

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.09

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.10

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.11

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.12

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.13

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.14

Outdoor whirlpool bath n.16

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.17

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.18

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.19

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.20

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.21

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.22

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.23

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.24

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.25

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.26

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.27

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.28

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.29

Outdoor whirlpool tub n.30


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