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40 Fabulous Ideas for Modern Porches

A place where you can enjoy open spaces while still having comfort and protection from various atmospheric agents … modern arcades that surely give a sophisticated and elegant touch to any home.

The arcades, also and simply defined roofs, are the place of connection between the inside and the outside, forming a sort of continuum where you can enjoy pleasant breezes, or warm summer evenings.

What we are about to show you are gods stunning modern arcades inserted inside dream homes and therefore made with the most sought-after, precious and particular materials. These arcades can open towards welcoming and well-kept gardens or constitute a place of absolute peace and relaxation on large terraces … the connection between inside and outside is guaranteed most of the time by large retractable windows which, if necessary, can be opened completely by going to create a single environment.

> The particular attention to design is of fundamental importance in the construction of modern porches starting with the choice of the materials that will make up the structure (ranging from classic wood to prefabricated panels) and then moving on to the furnishings that will help to insert these spaces between the places more welcoming than the house.

Through the 40 photos which you will find below you will be able to discover some of the most spectacular modern arcades ever made, preferring a minimalist, contemporary or Asian style. So here are some fabulous buildings that will leave you speechless for the presence of outdoor fireplaces and furnishing accessories that are truly sought after if not unique in their kind.

Modern arcades

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